• Seized the title of Top Producer for the station over the past three phase lines, positively impacting the unit’s success in mission accomplishment.
  • Trained 38 Soldiers in preparation for the 1st quarter Mega Soldier event, leading the Soldiers to victory and retaining the Company Championship belt.
  • Ensured Soldiers received hands-on training with simulated equipment, enhancing the morale and readiness of 78 Soldiers during the rating period.
  • Supervised an effective Soldier program, maintaining 78 Soldiers with zero losses and achieving the highest retention rate in the company.
  • Coordinated three company Soldier events, resulting in 45 referrals and three enlistments for the center.
  • Managed stress and inspired 98 Soldiers with mission essential intelligence, consistently displaying a positive attitude.
  • Maintained a 98% Soldier success rate, managing the second highest number of enlisted Soldiers for the BN while maintaining a 1% loss rate for the fiscal year.
  • Employed all facets of mission command, resulting in 100% accomplishment of the Company’s Army Reserve recruiting mission for the fiscal year.
  • Exceptional communicator who planned ahead and synchronized operations to maintain an effective Soldier training program, the best in the Company.
  • Ensured subordinates were developing themselves, resulting in 98% of Soldiers completing required OPAT and nine Soldier Dashboard requirements.

Recruiting NCO

  • Developed an intricate and crucial network of educators in three high schools, increasing senior production by 57%.
  • Led a team of 35 NCOs to optimize virtual recruiting approaches and fully utilize all available recruiting technology.
  • Achieved 40% of DOD market share for the 1st quarter of FY17, a 12% increase from the previous quarter.
  • Promoted two Future Soldiers to the rank of PV2 through the use of the Basic Training Task List.
  • Executed color guard duties prior to four nationally televised sporting events, proudly displaying the Army’s commitment to tradition.
  • Well-respected role model in the community and school district, providing students with a person they could confide in for advice.

First Sergeant

  • Achieved 175 percent Soldier retention by influencing seven Soldiers within the Company to reenlist, the best in the Battalion.
  • Acted as company commander and command sergeant major during their absences, resulting in no degradation in operations or mission accomplishment.
  • Conducted NCODP for the company on NCOERs and professional development.
  • Emphasized laptop accountability, resulting in zero laptop losses within the company and assisting the brigade with the fewest laptop losses within USAREC.
  • Leadership resulted in 80% of recruiters meeting or achieving their FY09 mission, 20% higher than the brigade average.
  • Mandated weekend safety briefings at all levels within the company resulted in zero loss or injury to Soldiers.
  • Safety enforcement resulted in only one government vehicle accident in the Company during FY08, the best in the Battalion.
  • Increased Company enlistments by 181 in FY 2008 compared to FY 2007.
  • Increased enlistments within the company by 38% from 321 in FY08 to 445 in FY09.
  • Inspired three outstanding Soldiers within the Company to convert to the rigorous and demanding MOS of 79R.
  • Led the company to Battalion Top Company in the 2nd QTR, FY09 by achieving 102% mission accomplishment.
  • Managed training program resulting in two Soldiers earning the Gold Recruiter Ring and four Soldiers earning the Glen E. Morrell Order of Recruiting Excellence.
  • Mentored one Soldier to compete in and win the FY08 Battalion Soldier of the Year.
  • Ranked number two out of seven companies in the battalion for combined mission achievement during the 3rd and 4th Quarter of Fiscal Year 2008.
  • Spearheaded the end-of-year push, resulting in the company being recognized as one of the top five companies within the brigade during the 4th QTR, FY09.
  • Stressed career development, successfully encouraging 17 Soldiers within the Company to enroll in college courses.
  • Stressed safety and defensive driving on and off duty, resulting in zero POV accidents and zero GOV accidents within the company, the best in the battalion.
  • Submitted 50 referrals to Cadet Command, exceeding the company’s YTD special mission by 35 and increasing synergy between Cadet Command and USAREC.
  • Successfully trained three Station Commanders on numerous First Sergeant duties, enabling Station Commanders to perform First Sergeant duties in his absence.
  • Technical expertise was responsible for earning the Top Medical Recruiting Company in the Medical Recruiting Brigade, exceeding 143% of the assigned mission.
  • Trained five Soldiers on station commander tasks, resulting in all Soldiers graduating from the USAREC Station Commander Course.
  • Trained three detailed recruiters in Recruiting Station Commander duties, with all three graduating as first-time GO graduates of the USAREC Station Commander Course.
  • Urged Soldiers in the company to develop themselves personally and professionally, resulting in 13 Soldiers enrolling in college.

Assistant Station Commander

  • Successfully assumed Station Commander duties, commanding an On Production station for 11 months, and awarded Top On Production station in the 1st QTR FY10.
  • Effectively led the recruiting station in the absence of the Station Commander, exceeding mission success.
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