• Supervised seven Soldiers and managed a $20,000 budget, ensuring the maintenance of supplies for five departments and the continuity of critical operations.
  • Reorganized operations and manning during a government shutdown, ensuring the smooth running of patient administration.
  • Processed 116 patients’ consults to ensure proper care for Active Duty personnel and their dependents, resulting in 100% patient satisfaction.
  • Submitted 22 Daily Patient Reports, effectively communicating patient load capabilities to CENTCOM/USFOR-A and CTF-56, contributing to strategic planning.
  • Facilitated command-wide communication and logistics for two incoming MEDEVACs, enabling trauma teams to treat casualties without mishaps.
  • Gathered medical information for six trauma casualties, enabling the TOC to relay patient status to the Joint Defense Operation Center and provide life-saving medical care.
  • Checked identification, controlled access, disarmed potentially risky patients, and conducted Force Protection measures, ensuring safety and security for the facility and 113 personnel.
  • Oversaw the relocation of the entire PAD section, consisting of over 7,000 records, in one day, facilitating seamless operations.
  • Established standard operating procedures (SOP) for the entire section, improving efficiency in the treatment facilities of the 213th Area Support Medical Company.
  • Maintained the integrity of reports and accuracy of patient information, providing the foundation for effective medical care and recovery.
  • Ensured up-to-the-minute accurate patient statuses and daily updates to the Commander on admissions and discharges, enhancing patient care.
  • Trained 23 Soldiers in their responsibilities as Mortuary Affairs NCOs, increasing readiness in all supported units.
  • Guided patients ineligible for medical care to alternate facilities, identifying shortfalls and reducing delays and suffering.
  • Assisted with the care of 200 trauma and 200 outpatient local nationals and coalition forces, amplifying local medical assets.
  • Identified required tasks and authored operational instructions (OI) for all procedures, streamlining daily operations and improving site qualification by 100%.
  • Supervised 13 Soldiers in the successful completion of 1,765 operational and special duty screenings, delivering 100% accurate documentation and enhancing readiness.
  • Oversaw daily operations, identifying and preventing 9 unsuitable transfers, resulting in a cost savings of $230,000.
  • Screened eligibility requirements and registered 277 patients, authorizing access to the highest quality care in the theater.
  • Managed multiple functional areas with exceptional results, receiving praise in all audits and assessments with no findings.
  • Deployed for Global Medic Rotation, ensuring thorough preparation and care for fellow Soldiers and guaranteeing success.
  • Provided outstanding initial treatment, care, and administrative recording, establishing the standard for Admin Clerks at Evans Community Hospital.
  • Tracked all medical treatment rendered at the NTC by rotational assets, facilitating seamless and immediate access to appropriate medical care.
  • Reviewed and corrected 3,000 records, ensuring accurate medical status at all times and, by extension, effective medical care.
  • Emphasized safety awareness, resulting in compliance with safety guidance and zero accidents or injuries.
  • Ensured all Soldiers and DoD civilians complied with recurring training requirements, achieving 100% training on all required Warrior tasks.
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