• Communicated and coordinated with the NEMHS Hospital CEO, Medical Director, Director of Nursing, and EMS Director to ensure the delivery of quality care.
  • Supervised the operation of the Aid Station, sick call, and patient care, fostering esprit de corps and enhancing soldier medical readiness.
  • Balanced the use of resources between the SPEER clinic and the Guard Force, facilitating Combat Lifesaver recertification, Medic Tables Training, and access to field medical resources.
  • Ensured over 800 patients received specialized medical, dental, and optometry care to maintain overall health and wellness in the community.
  • Streamlined mission patient flow and tracking, overseeing the care of over 700 patients during a 7-day exercise.
  • Facilitated timely care for several challenging medical cases at the Role 1 Air Force Medical Clinic on Camp Lozano.
  • Established a Battalion-wide SOP for assessing Medical Readiness and developed a weekly MEDPROS Readiness tracker, improving medical readiness assessment.
  • Enforced standards and recommended practices for the safe handling and transportation of over 1,000 contaminated surgical instrument sets.
  • Coordinated the training of enlisted personnel and prepared them for successful participation in the WAREX exercise.
  • Demonstrated innovation in devising alternative solutions.
  • Assumed the senior NCOIC position in the Clinical Operations section and executed duties with a high level of enthusiasm.
  • Encouraged a positive training environment by fostering teamwork and providing clear goals and responsibilities within the Clinical Operations section.
  • Proficient trainer, consistently providing training to soldiers.
  • Identified and classified Clinical Operation materials that had not been sorted in several years.
  • Supervised the cleaning and packing of CONNEXes for use by the Clinical Operations section during the WAREX.
  • Distinguished himself from peers with dedication to soldier welfare, showing genuine concern through teaching, mentorship, and involvement.

Chief Medical NCO

  • Served as truck commander on over 40 ISAF and ANA combined CLPs throughout RC East battlespace, ensuring zero injuries, loss of life, or equipment damage.
  • Provided critical Warrior Task Training Skills to numerous soldiers and airmen, preparing them for successful deployment overseas.
  • Developed and implemented a medical support plan for an outlying FOB, including a combined ISAF and ANA mass casualty plan and casualty collection points.
  • Meticulously reviewed and prepared Jackson Barracks for the Annual Periodic Health Assessment.
  • Devoted to developing the next generation of leaders and challenging troops to perform to the highest standards.
  • Served as a subject matter expert on military and tactical medicine principles, developing realistic and invaluable medical skills training for medical personnel.
  • Provided primary care as a member of the Community Hospital team, promoting combat readiness for active duty, National Guard, and Reservists.
  • Led both the 756th ASMC team and the Med-Det soldiers to exceed standards in accomplishing scheduled and unscheduled tasks.
  • Played a critical role in preparing and executing FEMA Region 2’s Homeland Response Force, validating plans during two external evaluations by JITEC.
  • Provided the staff with historical context and valuable insight into the evaluation board process, improving disposition effectiveness.
  • Kept the 756th ASMC and Med-Det troops focused on the mission and demonstrated a contagious positive attitude.
  • Streamlined processes, efficiently processing 388 passengers in record time to support emergency deployment tasking.
  • Provided over 70 supportive therapy counseling sessions and conducted over 100 Behavioral Health intakes for members assigned and attached to the 3rd Infantry Division.
  • Provided a high level of care to soldiers and excellent training opportunities for the 1-157 Infantry Medical platoon during Annual Training.
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