Detachment Sergeant

  • Promoted the Eagle Reset Program across FCKY, conducting nine courses and training 92 leaders on resiliency and self-care.
  • Sponsored the MEDCoE COSC Course on FCKY, enabling 42 AD, USAR, and NG Soldiers across the U.S. to achieve COSC Certification.
  • Spearheaded and instructed the 531st Suicide Prevention Program, providing training to over 400 Soldiers and Leaders.

Team Chief

  • Conducted 134 outreach hours, positively impacting 1,337 U.S. and Coalition Forces by raising awareness of available BH services.
  • Provided oversight for 26 evacuations from OIR for BH, contributing to zero suicides occurring in OIR.
  • Taught seven aromatherapy classes, utilizing holistic approaches to teach relaxation techniques to ten personnel, resulting in decreased overall anxiety.
  • Established and instructed 31 yoga classes, enhancing mindfulness and physical fitness for 197 personnel.
  • Collaborated with BH tech to teach and promote resiliency within the ranks, conducting five Resilience Classes and leading to reduced medication utilization for 103 personnel.
  • Recognized the need for improved communication, leading to 13 Effective Communication classes and enhancing unit cohesiveness for 71 personnel.
  • Educated over 1,000 soldiers in a high-threat environment on how to manage COSRs and increase resiliency.
  • Instructed a class on clinic interviewing and counseling skills, training 30 soldiers on 68X Individual Critical Tasks.
  • Built relationships with units across Fort Campbell installation through multiple command consultations, increasing awareness of available BH resources.
  • Volunteered to conduct a traumatic event debriefing for 20 soldiers after an attempted suicide, ensuring their emotional and safety needs were met.
  • Trained and led soldiers during weekly Leader’s Time Training on Performing Lifesaving Measures, improving the medical competencies of 10 soldiers at Skill Level 1.
  • Served as PSG for CTL 1 during FT Campbell EFMB, maintaining 100% accountability of $150,000 worth of equipment and 25 support personnel.
  • Led soldiers through multiple weekly Leader’s Time Training and MOS training, enhancing their tactical skills and MOS competence.
  • Demonstrated proficiency and maintained unit readiness, identifying and scheduling 20 personnel for BLS recertification in a timely manner.
  • Fostered an environment of professional growth, resulting in an NCO and junior soldier achieving Individual Counseling Course certification for M8 ASI.
  • Selected as an instructor for Unit Needs Assessment and Psychological First Aid for Uniformed Services University Graduate Students, standing out among five NCOs.
  • Mentored and advised soldiers on psycho-educational classes, boosting their confidence and knowledge of COSC operations throughout the Army.
  • Led redeployment training for 400 soldiers from ten units, conducting behavioral health screenings to identify at-risk soldiers.

Behavioral Health NCOIC

  • Collaborated with the BH Chief to develop a PI project, successfully lowering the overall usage of psychotropic drugs in the Baumholder footprint by 7%.

Behavioral Health Specialist

  • Represented Tripler Army Medical Center and played a crucial role behind the scenes to ensure the success of the Second Annual Pacific Regional Behavioral Health Summit.
  • Developed a medical board transition program that provided outpatient care to basic trainees, resulting in an 80% reduction in re-admission rates.
  • Served as the Suicide Prevention Manager, ensuring that more than 5,000 personnel received proper training in suicide prevention and awareness.
  • Provided over 90 supportive therapy counseling sessions and conducted over 300 Behavioral Health intakes.
  • Treated 114 joint service members and documented 200 contacts for the 3 to 5-day residential program.
  • Improved medical readiness from 60% to 90% and deployment readiness from less than 70% to nearly 90%.
  • Coordinated Commander’s Assessment of Soldier’s Health directly to the brigade commander and served as a risk reduction program manager, reducing costs through directed resourcing.
  • Collected, interpreted, and disseminated Behavioral Health statuses for the entire brigade.
  • Provided consultations to 6 Combat Stress Control Forward Operating Bases and Brigade leadership on FRC program requirements, enrollment, duty impact, and recommendations.
  • Played a key role in developing protocols, roles, and responsibilities for the behavioral health clinic team.
  • Dedication to documentation and data collection improved the quality of care for Minnesota National Guard members.
  • Trained 22 mental health counselors, enabling them to provide excellent services to the troops in their area of responsibility.
  • Taught several EO classes to more than 1,000 soldiers and civilians, ensuring the hospital maintained above 98% compliance for training.
  • Led a team of 3 other members at the Freedom Restoration Center (FRC) and successfully managed $155,000 worth of assets.
  • Collaborated with the Chaplain service and conducted Combat and Operational Stress Reaction (COSR) briefings for over 200 soldiers.
  • Delivered forensic psychiatry services during two high-visibility sanity boards and five courts-martial, saving the government significant costs.

Behavioral Health Technician

  • Assisted in the largest MASCAL at Camp Phoenix, providing expert psychological first aid and support to civilian staff, medical personnel, and support personnel.
  • Led and rehearsed training, ensuring the effectiveness and success of TF Long Knife Behavioral Health operations.
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