Healthcare NCO 68W30

  • Constructed efficient primary care teams and implemented the patient-centered medical home model at the clinic, contributing to a 100% provider satisfaction and 98% overall satisfaction rating on the APPLS survey.
  • Upheld the highest standards of conduct, resulting in the clinic being consistently recognized for excellence during Joint Commission tracer surveys.
  • Provided expert and compassionate patient care, receiving three positive patient ICE comments by name and contributing to an overall patient satisfaction rating of 98% on APPLS.
  • Served as the primary instructor for 68W annual skills sustainment training, leveraging years of experience to enhance the effectiveness of training.
  • Conducted monthly BLS initial and refresher courses to meet unit training requirements and also provided additional classes for other garrison units.
  • Planned, coordinated, and executed two complex trauma lanes for a Brigade Best Squad Competition.
  • Took the opportunity to teach impromptu medical classes to subordinates, significantly improving the medical knowledge and skills of the soldiers.
  • Assisted with medical coverage for a 31.87-mile foot march, resulting in zero heat injuries despite record-breaking heat wave conditions.

Health Care Specialist

  • Implemented an initiative to enhance sick call procedures, improving efficiency and quality of care.
  • Supervised patient care for one month in the absence of the Physician Assistant, ensuring seamless continuity of care.
  • Prevented the spread of diseases during FTX by strictly enforcing field sanitation requirements.
  • Demonstrated exceptional performance while attached to HHC 2/505 PIR Med Platoon during JRTC.
  • Showcased exceptional proficiency and knowledge as an Ambulance Driver/Aid Man, surpassing peers in job performance.
  • Maintained high motivation levels and provided outstanding care despite fatigue and limited resources during operations.
  • Provided medical support for the Medicine Warrior Leadership Challenge, treating seven patients effectively.
  • Earned the highly coveted Expert Field Medical Badge, highlighting expertise and dedication.
  • Progressed through various leadership roles, from squad leader to Senior NCO, and eventually serving as aide/advisor to the Commander and CSM.
  • Ensured safety and medical coverage during multiple aerial gunnery and small arms range exercises, resulting in zero injuries.
  • Successfully treated and revived seven patients while supporting the Mangudai exercise.
  • Contributed to the creation of the Warrior Return Unit, maximizing the quality of life for convalescing soldiers.
  • Conducted impromptu medical trauma training during ranges, enhancing soldiers’ range experience and improving readiness.
  • Assumed security duties while deployed ISO Task Force Anvil, processing over 500 security clearances and access badges.
  • Provided urgent medical care to approximately 2,500 service members and their families in the Fort Stewart community.


  • Earned the Basic Army Instructor Badge and evaluated six additional EMT instructors to help them earn their badge.
  • Played a key role in medical table VIII training and instruction for 50 medical personnel, ensuring their MOS certification.
  • Selected as a Master Sergeant for the Department of Health and Educational Training, surpassing 20 Sergeant First Classes.
  • Demonstrated exceptional technical and tactical proficiency, training, developing, and validating over 5,000 Soldiers in TC3 while completing six college courses.
  • Voted as the Instructor of the Cycle over 60 NCOs for class 5-10, reflecting outstanding teaching abilities.
  • Trusted to fill the role of SMTS NCOIC on multiple occasions without compromising the mission, training caliber, and safety.
  • Volunteered selflessly for multiple outreach functions that positively impacted over 2,000 Soldiers and civilians in the local community.
  • Developed and implemented training aids for the BAS lane and convoy lane, enhancing preparedness for combat and garrison operations.
  • Provided superior training to over 5,000 Soldiers on BAS, MOUT, patrol, convoy, and FOB operations, increasing their expertise and survivability.
  • Devoted personal time to monitor mandatory training statuses and update data for over 60 NCOs, ensuring everyone’s training remained current.
  • Emphasized professional growth, resulting in 100% of NCOs enrolling in college courses and completing over 30 college credits.
  • Demonstrated exceptional accountability, maintaining 100% inventory of over $10,000 in supplies and assisting with $1,000,000 in supplies and equipment without any loss or damage.
  • Implemented composite risk management during elevated risk training events, resulting in zero serious incidents during invasive procedures and pyro handling.
  • Implemented preventive medicine measures during the H1N1 pandemic by conducting monthly barracks inspections, reducing the risk of infection.


  • Achieved an outstanding retention rate of over 300% for the company during fiscal year 2011.
  • Established a third mild traumatic brain injury center in Afghanistan, efficiently managing resources and ensuring operational readiness within two months.
  • Provided expert medical care, assisting with treatment for battle injuries and supporting emergency blood drives during OEF XI.
  • Created and implemented a comprehensive training regimen for mild traumatic brain injuries, successfully training over 500 Soldiers and achieving a 100% completion rate for the battalion.
  • Coordinated and sustained MOS training for 18 medics, resulting in a 100% national registry rate.
  • Handpicked as the senior medical trainer for an outlying FOB EMT mission, training over 50 ANA Soldiers and surpassing senior NCOs in expertise.
  • Provided coaching and mentorship to combat ANA soldiers, enhancing their training and medical qualifications.
  • Developed and implemented a CLS course for the ANA, resulting in 30 CLS qualified ANA soldiers and improving their combat effectiveness.
  • Led continuous training and certification of 18 Soldiers assigned to the EMT mission on medical tasks, leveraging combat experience and leadership skills.
  • Provided medical training for 68W and other MOS personnel from the treatment platoon.
  • Successfully tracked MEDPROS status for over 140 unit members and more than 100 temporary PROFIS personnel.
  • Played an active role in setting up a 5K run to raise awareness for Rabies, contributing to increased awareness and reduced threat of rabies in Camp Taji.
  • Volunteered daily for various tasks, displaying a strong commitment to service.
  • Established company and battalion level battle drills, adapting to evolving enemy tactics and enhancing unit preparedness.
  • Conducted numerous medical/first-aid classes for the HHC/FSC of the 144th EN BN.
  • Successfully completed over 70 aeromedical evacuation missions, logging more than 250 combat hours with no safety incidents.
  • Demonstrated exceptional performance as a first responder during CMAST training, taking charge of scenario-based situations and expertly treating casualties.
  • Assisted in the treatment of 12 pediatric and 60 adult patients at an adopted Egyptian Hospital.
  • Contributed to the medical evacuation of over 2,000 U.S. and Multi-National Coalition soldiers from MNC-I Forward Operating Bases.
  • Worked as a Range Safety Officer for more than 50 small arms ranges, supervising over 700 firers with a perfect safety record.

68W/Treatment NCO

  • Diligently tracked MEDPROS status for over 400 unit members, significantly improving unit First Sergeants’ medical readiness from a 74% Battalion average to 93%.

Platoon Sergeant/68W30

  • Meticulously managed the tracking systems for medical equipment and supplies, resulting in commendable ratings in all areas during the Battalion Command Inspection Program.
  • Demonstrated expert proficiency in providing medical care during Brigade Combat Trauma Team Training, surpassing the standards of patient care and mentoring two junior medics.

Combat Medic

  • Successfully completed the BCT3 training course, refining expertise in combat medicine and enhancing the unit’s capability for sustained operations.
  • Instructed numerous formal Combat LifeSaver Courses with a pass rate of over 90%.
  • While in the WTU, served as a first responder, ensuring that the best possible medical treatment, including IV administration, maintaining proper oxygen levels, and accurately recording medical transfers, was provided.

Health Care NCOIC

  • Developed an expert working knowledge of Relative Value Units (RVUs), effectively managing 75,000 patient encounters that resulted in 66,000 RVUs and generated $4.7 million in revenue.

Ward Master

  • Appointed as the NCOIC of part three of the mass schools physicals, leading to the successful immunization of over 1,700 school-age children.


  • Successfully completed the Flight Medic course, earning the additional skill identifier of F3.
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