Pharmacy Ambulatory NCOIC

  • Developed an on-call roster for the Pharmacy to prevent any loss of cold chain medication.
  • Trained and mentored 12 junior Soldiers and encouraged two Soldiers to compete for EFMB and Air Assault.
  • Led a department of over 150 GS employees and Soldiers, meeting the demands of a beneficiary population of over 110K.
  • Selected as the Troop Command EOL, ensuring 100% training compliance for over 500 Soldiers.
  • Managed the Department’s DTMS training, accurately reporting and recording mandatory training for senior leadership.
  • Accounted for over 900 line items of property worth over $5.5 million, ensuring zero loss of equipment.
  • Led a remedial PRT session resulting in 10 Soldiers passing the APFT.
  • Created a climate of dignity and respect supporting the Commander’s SHARP and EO programs.
  • Integrated the Army Values and Warrior Ethos into operations, giving credit to the team for successes.
  • Set high physical standards for the department, implementing a rigorous PT plan increasing overall scores by 20 points.
  • Engaged with staff to ensure operational workflow, resulting in 50% reduced wait times.
  • Demonstrated unwavering confidence and resilience during times of minimal staff and lack of senior leadership.
  • Organized and led multiple EO observances for CRDAMC, emphasizing the program’s importance.
  • Completed the Key Control policy process, reducing errors to zero and contributing to the success of the Regional OIP.

Pharmacy Specialist

  • Developed and implemented a RMW and pharmaceutical disposal program for the brigade.
  • Conducted pharmacy inspections of six maneuver battalion aid stations, ensuring compliance with Army MEDLOG regulations.
  • Completed 15 credit hours towards a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.
  • Used deployment experience to prepare the incoming Pharmacy NCO for deployment operations.
  • Maintained the Army Physical Fitness Badge of Excellence by scoring 300 points on the APFT.
  • Led by example, motivating and disciplining subordinates and peers.
  • Selected as rear detachment NCOIC, displaying unparalleled devotion to Soldiers’ needs.
  • Provided medical coverage for multiple training events and supported one clinic with minimal personnel.
  • Revitalized the company driver training program, training over 70 Soldiers on proper driving techniques.
  • Developed and presented a class on the proper handling, storage, and turn-in of pharmaceuticals.
  • Ensured Soldiers received all mandated training and coordinated Individual Readiness Training in support of OEF XI.
  • Maintained and accounted for rear detachment primary hand receipt valued over $200,000 without loss.
  • Coordinated the successful movement of $500,000 worth of company assets to JRTC Rotation 10-03 as the UMO.
  • Encouraged Soldiers to enroll in military and civilian courses, emphasizing professional growth.
  • Served as Team Leader on the Battalion Personal Security Detachment, selected by BN CSM.
  • Provided assistance during an emergency blood drive screening program and typing and cross-matching for over 100 potential blood donors.
  • Served as Team Leader during five Convoy Logistical Patrols in a dangerous area of operation.
  • Demonstrated a willingness to complete tasks on time and with high quality.
  • Contributed to the success of the BN PSD during JRTC Rotation 10-03, ensuring seamless base defense operations.
  • Trained Soldiers on TTPs and counter IED operations for deployment.
  • Processed over 290 Class VIII receipts valued at over $50,000 during JRTC Rotation 10-03.
  • Coached and mentored a Soldier for the Soldier of the Quarter Competition.
  • Developed a tracking mechanism and ensured availability of pharmaceutical manuals for battalions to properly account for narcotics while deployed.
  • Provided relevant training to medics on pharmacy operations, resulting in competent coverage of Level II Aid Station pharmacies.
  • Maintained 100% accountability of all assigned equipment without loss.
  • Enforced strict safety measures during JRTC deployment and redeployment, resulting in zero incidents.
  • Devoted appropriate attention to all responsibilities.
  • Selected to train over 25 Soldiers in Army Warrior Training tasks, increasing overall tactical proficiency and unit readiness.
  • Augmented a forward deployed training team in support of a joint combined arms training center, hand-selected by the First Sergeant.
  • Supervised and controlled eight Soldiers in entry control point operations outside primary MOS.
  • Performed duties as the Company Operations NCO, ensuring a smoothly run orderly room in support of 78 Soldiers.
  • Set an example for Soldiers through actions, demeanor, and tireless work ethic.
  • Trained Afghanistan National Army Soldiers in combat medicine and combat lifesaver train-the-trainer courses.
  • Coordinated and supervised 10 projects to improve security and standard of living on a battalion-level forward operating base.
  • Served as truck commander for five successful combat logistic patrols.
  • Mentored squad members to successfully operate in high-risk combat operations, resulting in zero safety accidents.
  • Conducted staff assistance visits to forward operating bases, ensuring proper medication handling in compliance with policies.
  • Mentored Soldiers to actively enroll in military and civilian courses while deployed.
  • Assisted in the planning and successful movement of the BMSO to JRTC Rotation 10-03 and OEF XI.
  • Demonstrated mental stamina and remained mission-focused during high OPTEMPO.
  • Organized and performed realistic Sergeant’s Time Training, enhancing individual and collective tasks.
  • Maintained a work environment that stimulated team growth.
  • Demonstrated exceptional preparation and task accomplishment.
  • Took genuine pride in maintaining a professional appearance while upholding high standards of professionalism.
  • Applied common sense and good judgment to effectively tackle problems and find practical solutions.
  • Demonstrated that personal profile did not hinder duty performance, consistently performing at a high level.
  • Flawlessly performed the duties of a platoon sergeant in his absence, ensuring continuity and seamless operations.Mentored and coached a Soldier, providing guidance and support to compete for the Soldier of the Month board.
  • Showed a personal concern for the well-being and development of Soldiers assigned to her squad.
  • Planned, organized, and conducted realistic Sergeant’s Time Training, significantly improving the capabilities of over 40 Soldiers in performing individual and collective tasks.
  • Shared knowledge and experience with others to enhan
  • ce overall mission success.
  • Maintained a work environment that fostered team growth, encouraging collaboration and cooperation.Created new training opportunities that aligned with the mission, ensuring
  • Soldiers were well-prepared and equipped.
  • Promoted safety during all training events, resulting in zero safety accidents and a culture of safety awareness.
  • Maintained 100% accountability of all assig
  • ned equipment valued over $1,000,000, without any losses.
  • Received recognition from the CJTF-82 Pharmacist for her tireless efforts in effectively managing controlled substances.Sought after by providers and medics for her
  • pharmaceutical expertise and experience.
  • Provided support during JRTC Rotation 10-03, ensuring timely and efficient processing of provider credentials for prescription fulfillment.
  • Displayed proper military bearing at all times, setting an example for her Soldiers and expecting the same level of professionalism from them.
  • Possessed the mental stamina to effectively work in high-stress situations, maintaining composure and delivering results.
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