• Served as an Instructor, playing a crucial role in the success of Individual Weapons Qualification, Table II EST2000.
  • Conducted Convoy Operations during 424 MMB’s FTX, traveling over 750 miles without any injuries or loss of military equipment.
  • Set up and operated the Portable Oxygen Generator (POG), refilling the entire emergency stock of 29 oxygen tanks and restoring medical readiness.
  • Established control points and provided support to forces and gate personnel on Camp Casey, Market, and Yongsan with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), thermometers, and refreshments.
  • Established and supplied quarantine barracks for sick personnel, efficiently implementing COVID-19 response measures within the Brigade and Division despite obstacles.
  • Ensured supplies and equipment were tracked and delivered to optimize patient care.
  • Improved medical capabilities and the quality of healthcare in TF Med-East.
  • Demonstrated dedication to the mission, playing an indispensable role in the overall success of the FST.
  • Provided DMLSS and DCAM training to over 25 Soldiers and civilian employees, enhancing their ability to order Class VIII supply.
  • Assisted in the automation of five departments with the OMNICELL system, improving inventory management of medical supplies throughout.
  • Coordinated the processing and delivery of $150,000 worth of medical supplies.
  • Displayed a high level of technical competence during the integration of the new Defense Financial Integrated System Services (DFISS).
  • Served as the supervisor for the patient medical supply section, managing over 60 lines of routine supplies.
  • Consistently developed new ways to improve customer service within the hospital.
  • Efficiently processed and distributed over 200 lines of medical supplies valued at $250K throughout the hospital on a weekly basis.
  • Enforced workplace safety measures, resulting in zero safety incidents during the rated period.
  • Received and delivered approximately 40 commercial packages throughout the hospital per day.

Customer Support NCOIC

  • Played a key role in achieving a 99% compliance pass rate during the CLRP inspection for the Material Branch as a Customer Support NCOIC.

Operations Sergeant

  • Received, maintained, and disseminated CUOPS information to all members, ensuring situational awareness and readiness.
  • Served as Battle NCO during Pacific Medic Focus, also fulfilling additional duties as an Armorer and Unit Prevention Leader (UPL).
  • Corrected the unit’s supply system, improving access to critical dental supplies and reducing backlogs.


  • Advised the Medical Supply Officer in requesting, receiving, and disseminating units’ Medical Chemical Defense Materiel in preparation for deployment to OEF.
  • Synchronized the consistent delivery of over 25,000 lines of medical supplies valued in excess of $8 million.
  • Procured an Expeditionary Deployable Oxygen Concentration System, reducing oxygen resupply time from two weeks to less than 72 hours.
  • Increased the authorized stockage list from 334 to 430 lines of Class VIII supplies to better support over 40 Battalion Aid Stations.
  • Motivated seven Soldiers, including himself, to complete a total of 10 college courses and over 6000 hours in correspondence courses.
  • Supervised the medical maintenance section, maintaining an operational readiness level of 95-97% during OEF XII.
  • Coordinated range training with Special Forces, resulting in 12 Soldiers qualifying on their assigned weapons, with nine Expert Shooters and three Sharp Shooters.
  • Personally coached and mentored one of his Soldiers to compete and win the Battalion Soldier of the Month Board.
  • Took direct responsibility for training his Soldiers on the wartime mission by identifying perishable METL tasks, improving combat readiness.
  • Coordinated CPR, CLS, and Field Sanitation Courses for BMSO, resulting in certification of all assigned Soldiers.
  • Applied 15 years of experience and previous combat experience to enhance his section’s combat capabilities.
  • Advised the BCT Surgeon Cell in the turn-in, destruction, and accountability of Medical Chemical Defense Materiel in preparation for pre and redeployment of OEF XII.
  • Coordinated a unique intra-theatre transit of CLVIII, ensuring the rapid distribution and delivery of critical life-saving products.
  • Made Composite Risk Management a top priority when dealing with all assigned operations, significantly impacting the overall safety of his section.

GTMO Warehouse Specialist

  • Moved medical equipment valued at more than $1,500,000 on four occasions, directly supporting the JTF’s humane care and custody mission in GTMO.
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