Patient Administrative Clerk

  • Created Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the entire section, including a comprehensive phone directory for the entire post.
  • Identified required tasks and authored Operating Instructions (OI) for all procedures, resulting in a 100% improvement in site qualification.
  • Utilized idle time constructively by checking and correcting 2,000 records for errors, leading to increased efficiency.
  • Provided information management, technology, and services to support the USA MEDDAC mission.
  • Ensured patient statuses and provided daily updates to the WACH Commander on admissions and discharges, maintaining up-to-the-minute accuracy.
  • Tracked and provided status updates on all medical treatment rendered at the NTC by rotational assets.
  • Provided outstanding initial treatment, care, and administrative recording, setting the standard for care at Evans Community Hospital.
  • Contributed to the effectiveness and success of the 213th Area Support Medical Company’s treatment facilities in both field and garrison settings.
  • Demonstrated leadership and a “Take Charge” attitude, inspiring a sense of camaraderie, loyalty, and initiative in the team.
  • Demonstrated selfless service by tirelessly maintaining the integrity of reports, accuracy of patient information, and inventory of medical supplies.
  • Inspired peers and subordinates to rise above themselves and accomplish the mission through enthusiasm and dedication.
  • Arranged and guided the relocation of the entire PAD section with over 7,000 records in one day to facilitate the immediate start of a clinic construction project.
  • Volunteered for and served on a 30-day joint POW/MIA Accounting Command mission to Vietnam to relocate US servicemembers’ remains.

Patient Administration NCOIC

  • Demonstrated outstanding and thorough preparation for the Global Medic 2010 Rotation, ensuring the success of fellow Soldiers.
  • Played a vital role as a member of the Air Force’s first Forward Surgical Team.
  • Amplified local medical assets by assisting with the care of 200 trauma and 200 outpatient local nationals and coalition forces.


  • Maintained 100% training readiness for all Soldiers in the PAD section, ensuring completion of AT level SSD training.
  • Worked tirelessly to account for all equipment and property book items at all times.

Admission and Disposition NCOIC

  • Managed multiple functional groups within the PAB with exceptional results, receiving praise in all audits and assessments with no findings.
  • Guided ineligible medical care seekers to alternate facilities, preventing delays and unnecessary suffering.


  • Maintained 100% training readiness for all Soldiers in the PAD section and ensured 95% compliance with all recurring training requirements for 71 DOD civilians.
  • Established an MOS training program that trained twenty-four 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers in their mortuary affairs MOS, supporting their wartime mission.
  • Promoted safety awareness, resulting in zero accidents or injuries in the departments, and consistently emphasized and demanded safety from others.
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