• Screened and evaluated 800 soldiers from 1ABCT during Operation Atlantic Resolve, resulting in a 25% reduction in delays due to medical issues.
  • Implemented a casualty management plan during platoon battle drill evaluation, leading to the successful triage, treatment, and evaluation of casualties.
  • Trained 2nd platoon on warrior skill level medical tasks and led company CLS skills familiarization training, surpassing the unit’s standard.
  • Provided optimal care to 50 civilians in a makeshift hospital environment during the COVID-19 crisis in New York.
  • Provided accurate reporting of all patient movements, enabling bed managers to assess bed status accurately, even at the peak of 50% census.
  • Delivered over 1,000 care hours to 300 patients without incident, reinforcing the hospital’s commitment to becoming a high-reliability organization.
  • Conducted three Mobile Obstetric Emergency Simulator drills, training and qualifying 80% of the staff.
  • Provided deeply analytical and valuable input for the AMEDD Center and School Practical Nurse Program renovation project.
  • Exceeded standards while serving as Public Health and Health Promotions nurse.
  • Provided superior care to the 3-4 BGD and soldiers outside of her command across the southern Iraq Battlefield Space.
  • Reviewed and updated five unit SOPs.
  • Projected contagious high-energy enthusiasm and commitment to the WTs (unknown abbreviation).
  • Formatted all of the Community Health Promotion Council (CHPC) data for the 65th MED BDE.
  • Served as an instructor in advanced cardiac life support class, achieving a 100% pass rate for 14 participants.
  • Served as NCOIC of Hospital Education, providing support to over 1,100 staff members and managing the 68W Sustainment Program.
  • Maintained accountability, provided leadership and direction to 11 soldiers from various Military Occupational Specialties while assigned to COVID Testing Sites, effectively limiting viral spread.
  • Improved OSINT to include COVID restrictions for each state, enabling subordinate units to quickly determine necessary procedures for convoys through each state.
  • Managed the expeditious transfer of 67 patients in need of advanced life-saving measures to a higher echelon of care, including the USNS Comfort.
  • Provided coverage for sick call for the UAMTF 8-01 during the COVID-19 mobilization, ensuring the health and well-being of 83 assigned personnel.
  • Developed and taught the STI segment of the newcomers’ brief for all incoming personnel to Korea.
  • Served as a preceptor for two registered nurses.
  • Demonstrated invaluable knowledge and skills repeatedly, which are critical to the Triad Team.
  • Oversaw and coordinated the P3T program.
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