Medical Maintenance NCO

  • Conducted 696 scheduled services and 26 unscheduled services to ensure the mission readiness of the Brigade.
  • Coordinated with multiple units to secure medical equipment for use during the culminating training exercise (CTE).
  • Established anesthesia and ventilator test stations within the Role III Biomed Shop, equipped with up-to-date service documents and test equipment.
  • Provided insight and direction during MOS proficiency training, resulting in a 30% decrease in unscheduled work orders over a 90-day period.
  • Successfully conducted and participated in the CTE while simultaneously fulfilling garrison mission responsibilities.
  • Developed Calibration Verification and Certification procedures for equipment.
  • Tracked over 300 equipment items valued at over $x,xxx,xxx.
  • Facilitated the timely completion of equipment work orders.
  • Supervised six soldiers in providing direct maintenance on critical medical equipment for TF 115.

Medical Equipment Repairman

  • Processed over $2 million worth of new medical equipment into Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) and outlying clinics in Germany, Belgium, and Italy as the CEB Acceptance Team Leader, exceeding delivery time requirements.
  • Reviewed and enforced strict CEB Acceptance procedures, resulting in a successful OIP with zero findings in Acceptance processing and improving the LRMC Life Cycle Management Program.
  • Provided training to the Biomedical Equipment Technicians at the Role III Hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on anesthesia units and ventilators.
  • Maintained three Role II facilities and over 20 Role I Battalion Aid Stations with a 95% maintenance rate, ensuring that all assets were fixed within 72 hours.
  • Led a recovery team of five soldiers to recover multiple vehicles and medical supplies after Task Force Corsair FTX.
  • Completed seven semester hours towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Electronics, despite the high OPTEMPO and mission requirements.
  • Effectively directed five inexperienced soldiers to become more efficient with the EDOCS system, reducing wait times from 30 days to same-day operations.
  • Developed an SOP for the BMSO Medical Maintenance shop, ensuring timely processing, repair, reporting, and transfer of equipment throughout RC East.
  • Processed over $2 million worth of new medical equipment into Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC).
  • Conducted surveys of over 25 clinics in preparation for inspection as a TJC Tracer member, resulting in improvements to the LRMC Life Cycle Management Program.
  • Trained soldiers in both Basic and Tactical Combatives Courses, leading to the successful graduation of 36 participants.
  • Trained 70 medics on the proper use and user-level maintenance of over 20 pieces of Level II equipment, resulting in a reduction of basic user errors by over 60%.
  • Corrected flow rate sample issues on Vamos Anesthetic Gas Monitors and updated units with up-to-date service software.
  • Developed an expert plan to repair over 600 pieces of medical equipment valued at over $1,000,000 throughout RC East.
  • Developed and executed a plan to turn in over $72,000 worth of medical equipment with zero losses.
  • Saved the Army well in excess of $130,000 by acquiring 13 medical refrigerators, originally destined for destruction in Iraq, and putting them to use in Afghanistan.
  • Maintained a complement of 100% operational medical equipment, enabling the soldiers of 7th SFG(A) to deploy around the world.
  • Drafted a medical tactical standard operating procedure used by all units under the HHC Engineer Battalion for this deployment.
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