Nurse Practitioner

  • Supported assigned providers, assisting in over 200 physical health assessments during each unit training assembly, ensuring optimal medical readiness.
  • Developed and implemented a plan that successfully reduced the number of Soldiers on profile throughout the Brigade by 40% in less than three months, working with a team of five members.
  • Provided superior and timely medical care to both the 3-4 BGD (Brigade) and Soldiers outside the command while serving in the 883rd Medical Detachment across the southern Iraq Battlefield Space.

Senior Practical Nurse Instructor

  • Updated and improved the content and milestones of the Madigan Army Medical Center Practical Nurse Course, enhancing the educational experience for future nurses.
  • Oversaw a $13,000,000 renovation project for the AMEDD (Army Medical Department) Center and School Practical Nurse Program, ensuring the modernization of facilities.
  • Successfully sustained operations for 110 students and 18 faculty members while simultaneously managing an ongoing renovation project, ensuring continuity of educational activities.
  • Provided valuable subject matter expertise, oversight, and supervision to nursing service personnel, fostering lasting and productive relationships.
  • Managed nursing care, including medication administration and blood product administration.
  • Planned comprehensive care, collaborated with interdisciplinary teams, provided patient education, and continuously evaluated patient outcomes.
  • Applied scientific knowledge to treat human responses, promptly identifying, reporting, and correcting any discrepancies.
  • Provided fetal protection counseling to over 200 female members, promoting awareness and ensuring the well-being of expectant mothers.
  • Successfully accomplished assigned tasks without any military-related incidents and maintained a record of zero failed inspections or deficiencies over a five-year period.
  • Served as the Officer-in-Charge of the Physical Examination Section, completing physical examinations and annual profile screenings for over 100 military personnel.
  • Volunteered for active duty and provided coverage for pre- and post-deployment screening of members traveling to and returning from mission essential deployments.
  • Hand-picked to revise the Deployability Availability Working Group, reviewing and updating charts for mobility medical readiness.
  • Assisted with the planning and implementation of the 433rd Medical Wing’s individual medical readiness line, known as “Operation Drag Net.”
  • Contributed to the individual medical readiness line, vaccinating 85% of the 2,000 members who required flu vaccinations.
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