• Led as the Registered Nurse for 88 shifts, overseeing 36 births, 266 inpatients, and 54 triages valued at $210,000.
  • Covered 1,200 on-call hours, performing five peer reviews, and actively participating in 110 hours of training courses to enhance professional skills and knowledge.
  • Demonstrated exceptional clinical expertise by identifying and promptly responding to three postpartum hemorrhages, initiating emergency protocols, and alerting the staff, ultimately saving the lives of the mothers.
  • Orchestrated a neonatal/delivery simulation laboratory, significantly enhancing training opportunities and increasing overall readiness.
  • Provided crucial instruction on resuscitation skills to 18 first responders, expanding the emergency capabilities of the team.
  • Led a team of 12 staff members as a charge nurse, providing care for 1,677 patients. Coordinated 256 admissions and discharges, overseeing services valued at over $3,000,000.
  • Earned National Medical-Surgical Board Certification and dedicated 120 hours as a subject matter expert, precepting three medics and three new nurses.
  • Instructed new medics and nurses on 13 core competencies, effectively increasing the unit’s staffing and capabilities by 25%.
  • Served as an HPI (Human Performance Improvement) group instructor, delivering briefings to 88 members on risk management, safety behaviors, error prevention, and High Reliability Organization concepts.
  • Deployed during OPERATION XXXXXXX, directing a team of six staff members and coordinating 355 admissions and 565 bed days.
  • Provided critical care to 25 patients while responding to 19 emergency attacks and three MASCALS (Mass Casualty Incidents), contributing to a remarkable 98% survival rate.
  • Served as the second shift leader in the Department of Surgery, ensuring smooth operations and maintaining high standards of patient care.
  • Obtained professional certification as CNOR (Certified Nurse Operating Room), demonstrating expertise and proficiency in perioperative nursing.
  • Served as a Circulating RN in the Operating Rooms, playing a crucial role in ensuring patient safety and surgical success.
  • Acted as a Clinical Preceptor for newly graduating nurses in the perioperative program, providing guidance and support during their transition into practice.
  • Completed the Charge Nurse Orientation Course, Preceptor Training Course, and Advanced Life Support training, expanding clinical knowledge and qualifications.
  • Attended over 120 hours of COVID mission-specific training, honing the ability to respond effectively in challenging environments during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Completed 24 hours of On-the-Job training in the Emergency Department, increasing shift flexibility and improving available manning by 30%.
  • Maintained daily communication with providers regarding the conditions of injured soldiers, ensuring seamless transitions for further care or return to duty.
  • Served as a vital member of the Army’s first Forward Surgical Team, assisting in the care of 200 trauma and 200 outpatient local nationals and coalition forces, thereby augmenting local medical assets.
  • Provided exceptional care during 13 mass casualties, delivered 80 hours of surgical care, and contributed to the intensive care unit recovery of critically injured trauma patients.
  • Attention to detail ensured continuity of care while assisting with the MEDEVAC of 110 patients to role III care.
  • Facilitated the screening of 99 military members and played a key role in the success of six whole blood drives, even during indirect fire incidents. This effort increased the emergency supply of blood and optimized patient care.
  • Performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a pulseless child who had suffered a severe head injury, stabilizing the patient and facilitating transportation to role III care.
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