• Served as the Superintendent of the Medical Combat Stress Control Detachment at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan.
  • Provided exceptional leadership to 15 forward-deployed combat stress teams operating across 125,000 square kilometers of battlespace, offering vital support to 47,000 warfighters at 88 forward operating locations.
  • Provided comprehensive training and management for combat stress teams, enabling them to deliver stress management and resiliency classes to 7,314 personnel, traumatic event interventions to 1,127 service members, 118 commander-directed evaluations, and 3,200 consultations to unit leaders.
  • Skillfully optimized staff resources, contributing significantly to the CSC Detachment’s all-time highest performance of 50,000 individual CSC contacts. This included 12,000 patient treatment sessions and 38,000 help-in-place contacts, providing critical support to soldiers on the front lines.
  • Led from the front and executed 12 leadership battlefield circulation missions, spending 30 days outside the wire to ensure successful CSC operations. Remarkably, no staff casualties were incurred, and the efforts were universally praised by supported task forces and unit commanders.
  • Achieved an exceptional overall treatment success rate of 99%, effectively limiting psychiatric losses from the theater to the lowest in the OEF area of operations.
  • Provided supervision for 11 Navy Corpsmen, offering weekly education and training sessions that significantly enhanced their knowledge and customer satisfaction.
  • Developed the JSMART database, which streamlined data collection and analysis. This initiative led to increased leadership awareness, improved outreach to soldiers, and facilitated more efficient communication.
  • Educated 20,000 personnel on Mental Health issues through a radio talk show, exponentially increasing awareness and resulting in a 20% increase in contacts.
  • Trained 33 officers in counseling skill sets, specifically focusing on the 525th MP leadership. This training significantly improved detention facility operations and safety.
  • Led her personnel to excellence, with 12 Detachment members being recognized as top performers at the Task Force Med-E level.
  • Provided outstanding management of Detachment operations, overseeing 375 outside-the-wire missions and effectively managing $137,000 in material assets.
  • Demonstrated excellent resource management skills by completing a 100% inventory of TPE (Theater Provided Equipment) and recouping $20,000 worth of equipment. These efforts led to the redistribution of assets to address critical shortages at Craig Joint Theater Hospital and CSC locations throughout RC-East.
  • Restructured the outreach program, locating additional JTF (Joint Task Force) personnel and integrating them into night rounds. This strategic adjustment significantly improved the quality and quantity of outreach services by 30%.
  • Provided Alcohol Brief Counseling, leading to improved identification of problem drinking and expedited return-to-duty status for affected personnel.
  • Played a key role in reducing JTF stress by conducting 15 psychiatric evaluations and maintaining 2,344 outreach contacts, thereby sustaining mission readiness.
  • Organized a JSMART health fair, successfully providing mental health awareness information to 1,200 members. This initiative greatly improved public awareness and relations.
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