• Played a pivotal role in overseeing one of the largest vaccine campaigns in military history as part of the Strategic Vaccination Push (SPV). Additionally, served as a vital asset in coordinating efforts for the medical readiness of the Global Response Force.
  • Provided comprehensive training on immunizations to Soldiers from every Battalion and effectively coordinated mass immunization efforts on a Brigade scale.
  • Served as the medical, public health, and bio-environmental authority, supporting 200 patient visits and conducting 27 public health facility inspections.
  • Conducted 360 potable water inspections, ensuring the safety of 200,000 bottles of water for consumption.
  • Spearheaded the creation of the Army’s first preventive medicine programs in the region by conducting a thorough food and water vulnerability assessment.
  • Surveyed endemic diseases and implemented effective control measures, enabling freedom of movement for 222 joint service and special operations personnel.
  • Led a Food and Water Risk Assessment in collaboration with contracting and special operations personnel, facilitating the provision of local foods for the camp.
  • Conducted inspections of over 2 million dollars’ worth of Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), identifying and removing 2 tons of meals unfit for human consumption.
  • Evaluated 340 food and public facilities, including planning and conducting a food vulnerability assessment for six facilities, while also providing food handler training for 36 Third Country Nationals.
  • Successfully secured and arranged the storage of 3.5 million dollars’ worth of subsistence with zero incidents of food-borne illness outbreaks.
  • Significantly boosted the unit’s Occupational Health compliance rate from 91% to 100% by conducting 235 hearing examinations, effectively addressing overdue cases.
  • Increased access to occupational health care by 70%, positioning the Battalion as the top-ranked unit in the Army.
  • Made valuable contributions to the medical employee health program, diligently tracking 5,000 requirements for 367 medics and achieving a commendable 100% compliance rate.
  • Provided oversight for the Hearing Conservation Program, benefiting 11,000 members and saving the Department of Defense an estimated 5 million dollars in disability claims.
  • Co-authored a comprehensive Hearing Conservation Tri-fold, rectifying seven discrepancies and promoting greater awareness of hearing loss prevention.
  • Reviewed 12 industrial case files, identifying and rectifying four critical Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issues. These efforts significantly contributed to the Company’s “Outstanding” rating during a Health and Safety Inspection (HSI).
  • Played a key role in the success of the Tuberculosis Detection and Control program, diligently monitoring the medication therapy of 15 patients, resulting in zero active tuberculosis cases on the premises.
  • Identified two critical issues during the Food Vulnerability Assessment of eight facilities, leading to significant improvements in the battalion’s vital food supply and ensuring its safety.
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