• Identified accounting problems in the Fort Drum Chaplain Tithes and Offering Fund and developed methods to solve current and future accounting inaccuracies.
  • Filled in as a Chaplain’s Assistant in the absence of an assistant, enabling the Chaplain to effectively minister to troops.
  • Planned, arranged, and helped lead two retreats in the Chaplain’s absence, producing a noticeable effect on morale.
  • Revised and improved the Religious Support Team TASCOP and Annexes that govern theater operations for TF MED Religious Support Teams.
  • Orchestrated classes and served as the primary instructor in the 2-12 CAV Suicide Prevention Training Program, seizing the initiative.
  • Managed a world-class Protestant religious education program with over 1200 participants, achieving a 20 percent increase over 2009.
  • Faithfully and skillfully executed all duties as the Battalion Chaplain Assistant, despite being untrained for the position.
  • Volunteered over 40 hours to participate in serving all hot meals during Operation Golden Medic 2010.
  • Enhanced ministry awareness through an aggressive program of unit visitation, encompassing 100% of the installation.
  • Researched four successful chapel singles programs and developed a lifetime experience for 80 Soldiers at Niagara Falls.
  • Selected as the Senior Enlisted Advisor and Chaplain SGM for the Multi-National Force-Iraq, demonstrating leadership and expertise.
  • Established a Chaplain work site office, expanding the spiritual fitness of 1300 joint personnel.
  • Played a key role in the successful deployment and mobilization of the TF 28 MED Religious Support Team (RST).
  • Provided direct assistance to the needs of 1100 wounded warriors and served over 100 patients/staff through counseling and intervention.
  • Ensured that 25 Religious Support Teams provided qualified, seamless religious service and support to coalition forces throughout Iraq.
  • Provided unparalleled support to four subordinate Religious Support Teams deployed across Southern Afghanistan.
  • Made a significant impact by his service during the Camp Black Horse Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, touching over 300 lives.
  • Spearheaded the chapel mission to assist and bring relief to over 9,000 Afghan refugees, coordinating religious worship tents, personal hygiene relief, clothing, and food drop-offs to relieve their suffering.
  • Completed the ASSIST, ACE-SI, and the MRT courses within the first few weeks with the unit, increasing Texas National Guard readiness.
  • Delivered 15 reintegration briefings, assisting approximately 850 transient medical patients.
  • Provided support in numerous roles and duty positions outside of his MOS, multiplying unit effectiveness.
  • Managed a budget of $200,000, providing sound financial oversight for five solvent chapel programs.
  • Developed and delivered religious and cultural awareness briefings before deployments, renewing soldier confidence.
  • Directed, mentored, and trained over 300 Chaplains and Chaplain candidates in the 88th RSC.
  • Ensured exceptional support for Soldiers, family members, DA civilians, and Command Leadership across the 88th RSC region.
  • Trained and qualified 11 9th TSC Soldiers to serve as Empowerment Action NCOs (EANCO) for the Army Reserve Warrior Family Assistance Center.
  • Displayed professional poise, contributing to the Camp Humphreys Chapel receiving an “Excellent” rating during the 2009 inspection.
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