Contracting NCO

  • SGT Young successfully managed a portfolio of 50+ contracts, surpassing all performance metrics for on-time delivery and contract compliance.
  • They streamlined the contract review process by implementing a standardized template, resulting in a 20% reduction in review time.
  • SGT Young demonstrated their negotiation skills by securing a new contract with a major vendor, resulting in a 15% cost savings for the organization.
  • They implemented a project management tool to improve communication and collaboration between stakeholders, leading to a 25% reduction in contract-related errors.
  • SGT Young proactively identified and resolved contract performance issues, resulting in a 10% increase in vendor satisfaction ratings.
  • They developed and delivered training sessions to internal teams, enhancing their understanding of best practices for contract management and increasing adherence to contract compliance requirements by 50%.
  • SGT Young established key performance indicators for all contracts, enabling data-driven decision-making and improving overall contract performance.
  • They conducted regular contract audits, identifying areas of improvement to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • SGT Young coordinated with cross-functional teams to ensure accurate and timely preparation and submission of all contract-related documents, achieving a 100% compliance rate.
  • They played a vital role in developing the organization’s contract management policies and procedures, ensuring alignment with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.
  • SGT Young served as the Contracting Officer’s Representative for the LOGCAP IV Task Order 002, ensuring its execution in accordance with contract requirements.
  • They demonstrated exceptional attention to detail, ensuring compliance with contract requirements and transferring over 60 Contracting Officer Representative (COR) records into the new Contracting Officer Representative Tracking (CORT) tool.
  • SGT Young’s diligent price negotiation efforts resulted in saving the U.S. Army over $80,000 between requiring activity funding estimates and actual contract award amounts.
  • They expertly managed, supervised, and executed over 80 awards totaling more than $4 million without protest, directly supporting Soldiers and the mission at three installations.
  • SGT Young identified deficiencies and maintained a 100% readiness rate for contingency equipment, ensuring the contract team had the necessary tools to execute its global mission.
  • They played a crucial role in preparing DCMA Boston for the Management Readiness Team (MRT) by arranging the collection and submission of more than 700 contract files.
  • SGT Young consistently displayed great pride in their work, dedicating countless personal hours during end-of-year contracting to ensure suspenses were met for customer requirements.
  • They developed and implemented several contract management tools that reduced contract closeout delinquencies by 50%.

Contract Specialist

  • SGT Young maintained 100% accountability and security of Government and Contractor Acquired equipment valued over $5,500,000.00.
  • They administered $13.7 million worth of contracts, including closeouts that resulted in cost and interest payment savings exceeding $10,000.00 for the government.
  • SGT Young provided training to joint personnel on financial reporting systems, resulting in 100% self-sufficiency in determining funding commitments.
  • They volunteered for the first contracting team to deploy to Africa in support of Operation United Assistance (OUA) with only four days of preparation.
  • SGT Young executed and administered 22 contracts valued at $923,842.00, delivering mission-critical support to over 3,000 soldiers during the Ebola response in West Africa.
  • They enforced SHARP/EO programs, creating a command climate that exceeded Army demographics as reported by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute.
  • SGT Young utilized their articulate communication abilities to train five Contracting Officer Representatives (COR), enabling the 101st BSB to accomplish its humanitarian mission in Senegal.
  • They successfully negotiated changes in local African contracts, improving operational effectiveness and reducing costs for the OUA mission, allowing for reallocation of funds as needed.
  • SGT Young was recognized as a subject matter expert for GFEBS, compiling over 70 reports valued at $84 million dollars and assisting joint personnel in achieving closeout goals.
  • They trained joint personnel on financial reporting systems, leading to 100% self-sufficiency in determining funding commitments.
  • SGT Young successfully executed 21 critical contract actions valued at over $850K for various installation activities during fiscal year closeout operations.
  • They completed the Contracting Officer’s Representative course, submitting monthly audits on time and improving the professional relationship with DCMA.
  • SGT Young trained 100% of assigned billing officials and cardholders, ensuring compliance with billing and payment processes.
  • They facilitated the purchase and installation of over $150,000 in targets, supporting the ground liaison officer overseeing the operational readiness of the A10C deployed in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.
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