Percussion Section Leader

  • As the Percussion Section Leader, SGT Young consistently demonstrated the highest level of commitment to musical performance.
  • SGT Young proved to be an invaluable asset to the MPT, contributing as both a vocalist and auxiliary percussionist.
  • Displaying exceptional performance skills, SGT Young also provided coaching and mentorship to younger players.
  • SGT Young played a pivotal role in establishing a culture of respect and dedication to mission accomplishment within the 202nd Army Band.
  • Bringing a wealth of experience from their time with the Ceremonial Marching Band, SGT Young enriched the unit with their expertise.

Army Bandperson

  • Playing a crucial role, SGT Young facilitated the formation of a new Musical Performance Team.
  • SGT Young ensured the availability, attendance, and appropriate instrumentation of the initial personnel.
  • With an extensive knowledge of vocal and instrumental music, SGT Young showcased their versatility.
  • As a vocalist and vocal soloist for the United States Army Chorus during their premiere performance in Washington, DC, SGT Young made notable contributions.
  • Frequently selected as a soloist with the Army Concert Band and Orchestra, SGT Young consistently impressed audiences.
  • Collaborating with smaller ensembles and professional groups, SGT Young actively honed their skills.
  • Through well-rehearsed renditions of Army standards, SGT Young delighted audiences across the nation.
  • SGT Young had the honor of recording with the Concert Band during the performance of the Shostakovich Second Piano Concerto.
  • By contributing to over 20 recorded titles, SGT Young enhanced the legacy of Pershing’s Own.
  • SGT Young’s exceptional dedication to their performances was consistently evident.
  • The Guardsmen’s musical performance achieved success, thanks in large part to SGT Young’s practiced dedication of over 200 hours.

Trombone Instrumentalist

  • Demonstrating versatility, SGT Young cross-trained and performed on the tuba for seven months to complete the Band.
  • SGT Young assumed responsibility for the tuba within the 62nd Army Band Brass Quintet.

Operations NCO

  • SGT Young served as the Operations NCO for the 77th Army Band.
  • With oversight and coordination, SGT Young ensured the successful tour of the 77th Army Band.
  • As the Operations NCO, SGT Young effectively managed performances during the highest operational tempo ever experienced by the 338th.
  • SGT Young’s multifaceted role included serving as a Team Leader, Motor Transport Operator, Trumpet Player, and Vocalist.
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