Team Sergeant

  • Trusted to deliver clear briefings to superiors at the international and CIMIC echelon.
  • Established professional networks throughout U.S. Army Europe to ensure the accomplishment of unit objectives.
  • Developed Civil Affairs (CA) scenarios for a multinational exercise.


  • Led two combined training events with the Philippine Army Civil Military Operations School, enhancing the capacity of over 100 CMO students.
  • Dedicated personal time to assisting fellow CA NCOs in improving their Combined Information Data Network Exchange report production quality.
  • Demonstrated endless commitment to improving language proficiency, enabling effective communication with the indigenous population in the Philippines.

Civil Affairs Specialist

  • Assisted in the emergency evacuation of sensitive items from the unit’s reserve center in Santa Barbara when a forest fire threatened the area.
  • Developed a curriculum for the sharing of best practices, which the Mil-Mil CMO Team utilized while engaging with the Ugandan People’s Defense Forces and the Tanzanian People’s Defense Forces.
  • Ensured the security and safety of the Afghan Advise and Assist Element and the Afghan National Army, eliminating the insider threat.
  • Made significant contributions to the success of the Mil-Mil CMO Team through outstanding performance and dedication to duty.
  • Assisted in the development of an SOP for the ANA Religious Cultural Advisor and facilitated the proper implementation of inform messaging.
  • Improved cooperation and transition between the Security Force Advise and Assist Team and the Afghan National Army.

Operations NCO

  • Professionally planned and orchestrated training during annual training for over 200 457th Civil Affairs Battalion Soldiers and its subordinate units in FY 10.
  • Assisted the joint public affairs staff in preparing for an inspection, resulting in an “Excellent” rating in Records Management.
  • Established and maintained VSAT, Blue Force Tracker, and tactical communications throughout the deployment.

Team Sergeant

  • As the acting CA Team Chief for DST Zormat, Afghanistan, arranged numerous Key Leader Engagements (KLEs) with provincial governors.
  • Served as the Contracting Representative, ensuring contractors complied with all aspects of the contracts, completed phases on schedule, and avoided additional costs.
  • Revived a failing high-visibility project when the project’s sponsor could not support it, bringing electricity to the outer city.
  • Made immense contributions to the mission of the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Mosul, Iraq during Operation New Dawn.
  • Improved operational procedures within the PRT, enabling increased collaboration between the Departments of State, Justice, USAID, the Corps of Engineers, and the DoD.


  • Managed the emergency evacuation of sensitive items from the Santa Barbara unit as an uncontrolled forest fire approached, saving over $500K worth of equipment and preserving mission readiness.

Civil Affairs NCO

  • Synchronized civil-military operations within the Slovenians, Italians, and the Army Civil Affairs detachment.
  • Developed a successful women’s initiative program through PRT Farah.
  • Stepped up to lead the Joint Task Force Civil Support public affairs directorate on numerous occasions during deployment to Op NOBLE EAGLE.
  • Played a vital role in uploading all CIM data to the UROC server.
  • Provided integral support to the Bosnian military-to-military state partnership program.
  • Familiarized the Bosnian military with chemical, biological, and radiological tactics, effects, and response.
  • Significantly increased communications during key leader engagements using language skills.
  • Identified an SOP that did not comply with CJTF-HOA policy and obtained permission from the chain of command to revise the documents.
  • Earned the trust and confidence of all officials participating in Key Leader Engagements, ensuring team success.


  • Served as the head SGI during 2 CSTC iterations and 2 Operation WHITE KNIGHTs, producing 30 CSTC-qualified NCOs.
  • Instructed Medical Proficiency Classes as well as Combat Lifesaver Tasks to 9 Afghan LNOs, resulting in a 50% reduction in fatalities.
  • Achieved outstanding results with limited resources.
  • Constructed realistic training exercises for Civil Affairs line companies deploying to the Horn of Africa.
  • Developed several IO training topics and courses for ANA IO officers to enhance their skills.
  • Served as an instructor and evaluator for the CAQC (USAR) PH1 and PH2 courseware.
  • Taught professional military development classes to Pakistan Military Liaison Officers, including Land Navigation, Map Reading, and Military Acronyms and Symbols.
  • Facilitated the training of 33 reserve component Soldiers in the Civil Affairs Qualification Course (CAQC).

Survey Team Chief

  • Identified weaknesses and strengths in the Kosovar Civil Protection Regiment.
  • Developed expedient solutions to address identified weaknesses, preserving peace.


  • Increased security clearance numbers to 95%.
  • Provided intelligence oversight for the entire command while serving as the CACOM Security Manager.


  • Assumed team chief responsibilities during Combined Resolve II.
  • Led CAT 732 during eight Key Leader Engagement missions, which increased convoy and traveling safety.
  • Capitalized on knowledge of Civil Affairs and combat experience to establish a CMOC, which played a key role in the success of 12 international militaries.
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