Brigade Budget Analyst

  • Displayed confidence and professionalism as a Lead Defense Travel Administrator (DTA), assisting over 25 subordinate DTAs.
  • Funded $7.5 million in aviation repair parts, resulting in fully mission-capable deploying aircraft sets.
  • Coordinated funding for aviation fuel of 14 US Property and Fiscal Office (USPFO) for two major ECAB MOBS, totaling $1.3 million.
  • Conducted weekly audits of the government travel credit card, reducing the brigade’s delinquency rate by five percent.
  • Assisted in the formulation of FY21 budget projections, resulting in a $6 million increase in possible UFRs.
  • Maintained FM Certification level 2 and earned 60 hours of continuing education credits.
  • Processed $782,000 in travel for multiple mobilizations, enabling four aviation units to certify for deployment successfully.

Military Pay Technician

  • Facilitated the submission of over $50,000 in payment debts back to DFAS with a 100% accuracy rate.
  • Supported the busiest Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Defense Military Pay Office on the East Coast.
  • Ensured accurate and complete reimbursement of travel for Fort Jackson Soldiers.
  • Provided timely and accurate customer service to over 11,000 National Guard, Army Reserve, and Active Duty Soldiers.
  • Disbursed and processed 89,667 Stored Value Card transactions for over $28,344,000 with zero balance and no losses.
  • Processed over 3,123 military pay transactions with an accuracy rate of over 99%, meeting or exceeding DFAS accuracy standards for twelve continuous months.

DTS Administrator

  • Maintained expertise in Defense Travel System (DTS) profile management and documented submission requirements.
  • Ensured G8 Section was trained in the use of DTS.
  • Managed over 100 profiles as a certified Lead Defense Travel Administrator (LDTA).
  • Handled more than 6,000 DTS accounts as a DTS Administrator for one year.
  • Audited more than 15 DTS personnel sites in Army units located in TX, NM, AZ, OK, and AR.
  • Tracked over 1,500 Out of Service Debt and Claims cases and ensured customer problems were corrected.

Financial Management NCO

  • Developed and revised administrative and training documents to prevent financial oversights.
  • Maintained a 99.4% accuracy rating for six continuous months, exceeding the DFAS standard.
  • Operated the Military Pay Section during Annual Warriors’ Training in Milan.
  • Maintained open lines of communication between platoon leaders and Soldiers.

Automation Specialist

  • Ensured accurate and up-to-date Verizon tracking reports and GPC binder.
  • Verified accuracy of Recruiting and Retention NCO profiles in Recruiter Zone.
  • Monitored reports and ensured compliance with regulatory guidance and contractual obligations for the Recruiting and Retention Battalion.

Customer Service

  • Maintained organization and orderliness in the S-1 section and tracked personnel actions.
  • Ensured proper payment for over 8,000 Soldiers within the 6th ASG.
  • Coordinated S1 and admin actions and completed all Battalion administrative paperwork prior to deployment.
  • Trained unit pay personnel in proper USARC-required pay procedures.
  • Supported over 40,000 US Army Reserve soldiers in the USAR Pay Center, exceeding the DFAS standard of 99% accuracy in coding transactions.

USARPAC Audit Readiness Team

  • Tracked 456 external auditor sample requests to support the Department of Defense’s first full financial statement audit.
  • Facilitated the submission of over 3,000 source documents with a 98% on-time rate.
  • Contributed to the Army’s goal of achieving a clean audit opinion and increasing accountability across the command.

Defense Travel Administrator

  • Improved the DTS voucher submission rate and lowered the delinquency rate by 15% through thorough training with the Brigade ODTAs.

Non-DTS Entry Agent (NDEA)

  • Served as the Non-DTS Entry Agent (NDEA) for the Medical Training Brigade deployment, ensuring accurate reimbursement for travel through attention to detail.
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