• Reviewed over 13,000 voice and graphic files and translated over 650 items, resulting in the disruption of al-Qa’ida activities.
  • Produced 567 intelligence reports, with timely intel leading to the capture or elimination of more than 140 high-value targets.
  • Responded expeditiously to 46 Requests for Information from throughout the intelligence community, delivering actionable intelligence to Joint Task Force commanders.
  • Recognized as the Counterterrorism Military Performer of the Quarter, first quarter 2021, for consistently strong performance and dedication.
  • Translated public safety documents into Arabic for the COVID-19 Community Task Force, increasing minority community preparedness.
  • Provided the State of Utah with accurate Arabic translation of evolving health guidelines and best practices, increasing public medical coverage.
  • Improved DLPT (Defense Language Proficiency Test) score from 2+/1+ to 2+/2+ during the rating period, demonstrating exceptional personal drive and perseverance.
  • Provided valuable input for more than 20 intelligence reports, aiding in identifying intelligence trends and needs throughout the operating environment.
  • Inspired excellence in his Soldiers, motivating a Soldier to achieve the title of Language Professional of the Quarter over six other linguists.
  • Established himself as a resident expert on the setup and operation of the AN-PRD 13 Basic Radio Detection Finding (RDF) System.
  • Relocated V Corps integrated headquarters over 1,000 kilometers with no loss of communication or control.
  • Intercepted enemy transmissions during the battalion Combined Arms Exercise, aiding in C Company mission success.
  • Developed an extensive, all-inclusive database of personnel in the Daman district using the SEEK II program.
  • Received outstanding marks during the 1st Cavalry Division Organization Inspection Program and Maintenance Terrain Walk.
  • Overcame manning limitations and contributed to the effective transition of crew operations to 24-hour operations, multiplying intel productivity.
  • Deployed 20 times as an airborne cryptologic linguist to 8 countries, providing linguistic and data analysis crucial to national security and the elimination of terrorist threats.
  • Conducted 7 capability briefs as a signals intelligence Korean cryptologic linguist, coordinating with detachment staff to teach 5 classes and increasing intel focus.
  • Updated battalion landing team’s tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel Standard Operating Procedures, integrating the Wolfhound suite and eliminating possible response failure.
  • Translated for field and general grade U.S. and Korean military officers, improving joint operations in support of flight operations during search and rescue efforts for the ferry Sewol.
  • Provided translations for U.S. and Korean officers during joint Naval operations, positively impacting Korean ship movement between operational boxes during Ssang Yong 2018.
  • Coordinated and arranged the disposal of 20 redundant or inoperative items, improving security and accountability of detachment equipment.
  • Deployed as First Sergeant to Karshi-Kanabad to oversee 70 Joint personnel, ensuring the successful completion of 20 missions and the safe return of all personnel.
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