Counter-Narcoterrorism Analyst
  • Demonstrated unparalleled analytical prowess in a high-stress deployed environment, providing unwavering support for 75 missions in Kandahar province.
  • Contributed to over $2.4 million in opioid seizures, 24 high-value target (HVT) apprehensions, and the successful completion of over 65 outside-the-wire missions.


  • Developed a meticulous and detailed tracking system, improving the section’s ability to plan for daily missions and exercises.
  • Conducted multiple training events with military police to increase law enforcement abilities across the installation.
  • Leveraged knowledge of tactical SIGINT to effectively train newly activated SIGINT soldiers in XXX MI BN.

SIGINT Analyst

  • Selected to instruct a third-party nation’s SIGINT element on EUCOM provided SIGINT collection equipment, expanding host nation collection capabilities by 50%.
  • Trained one officer, one NCO, and three Soldiers on processing foreign shipborne threat communications, securing unique SIGINT access for the U.S. in the Black Sea.
  • Modernized the host nation’s existing analytical and reporting processes, improving the partner nation’s SIGINT processing, exploitation, and dissemination capability.
  • Developed the orientation and training plan for incoming Military Intelligence warfighters, ensuring 100% task coverage and progressive site qualification.
  • Produced a comprehensive training plan evaluated during 13 successive iterations, finalized and adopted as the theater standard.
  • Served as the primary instructor for two Mode-1 Ground Signal Terminal Guidance Operator courses.
  • Developed and instructed the Mode-1 curriculum, certifying 20 personnel from joint agencies.
  • Researched, produced, and presented a briefing on the potential costs and benefits of a Low-Level Voice Intercept team and their equipment.
  • Conducted hands-on training on the required maintenance and deployment of the Wolfhound and PRD-13 man-portable Signals Intelligence System.
  • Completed a variety of MOS-specific training to expand analytic capabilities, increasing the number of auditors, certified SIGINT reporters, and team ELINT analytical capabilities.

Signals Intelligence NCOIC

  • Provided round-the-clock Counter Intelligence for Force Protection and A Co. 325 Military Intelligence Battalion.
  • Identified the location of three weapons caches (13 80mm Russian rockets and 4 anti-tank mines) in Babil Province, Iraq.
  • Named numerous individuals known for suspicious activity during Key Leader Engagements to prepare and protect 1st Squadron 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment.
  • Conducted multiple forensics exploitation actions when COS Kalsu received a VBIED (Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device) threat and local nationals were detained at our ECP (Entry Control Point).
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