Human Intelligence Collection Sergeant

  • Trained 1/34 Bravo Troop Cavalry in IED detection, emplacement, aiming, and timing, instilling vigilance and improving overall mission readiness.
  • Served on COVID response orders from March 2020 to December 2020, sacrificing personal time and sustaining unit readiness.
  • Developed a checklist that facilitated the deployment of the Tactical-Intelligence Ground System (TGS) at JRTC, enabling the Intelligence Enterprise and Mission Command systems.
  • Scored 293 on the Army Physical Fitness Test and was awarded the Army Physical Fitness Badge.
  • Graduated 4th out of 93 students in Air Assault Class 44-16, earning the Air Assault Badge and Additional Skill Identifier 2B.
  • Selected over peers to perform HOC (Human Intelligence Operations Cell) duties in support of achieving AFRICOM and U.S. Army long-term strategic goals.
  • Displayed the highest level of confidence, enthusiasm, and impeccable bearing, setting an example for peers and subordinates.
  • Scored 284 on APFT and performed duties in a complex deployed environment in support of achieving AFRICOM and U.S. Army long-term goals.
  • Implemented an aggressive Physical Readiness Training program, resulting in an APFT average score of 272 points for the MFT (Military Freefall) team.
  • Managed four OMTs as G2X HOC Reports Officer, publishing 60 operational reports in 90 days to the Intelligence Community.
  • Created the USARAF (U.S. Army Africa) Biometric Intelligence Report template, becoming the standard for all USARAF units’ biometric reporting.
  • Maintained $450,000 worth of equipment with 100% accountability.
  • Led six HUMINT Soldiers during a Brigade FTX (Field Training Exercise), producing intelligence reports that enabled critical decisions by the Commander.
  • Completed JBC-P (Joint Battle Command-Platform) training, utilizing situational awareness tools during combat operations and training exercises.
  • Demonstrated expertise in operating with joint, interagency, and host nation partners against Violent Extremist Organizations in Africa.
  • Assisted in the continuity of replacing Counter Intelligence Agents, ensuring force protection and safety for over 200 TFT (Theater Forward) personnel.
  • Led an effective MFT at JRTC (Joint Readiness Training Center) rotation 16-06, resulting in actionable intelligence reports and critical decisions by the Commander.
  • Performed duties as a Platoon Sergeant for two weeks, maintaining impeccable leadership and squad performance.
  • Led a four-day strategic debriefing and MSO (Military Source Operations) overview, preparing HUMINT Soldiers to support a Brigade FTX.
  • Performed SSG (Staff Sergeant) duties as a Squad Leader for six months, ensuring exceptional squad performance.
  • Led three Soldiers to support four Infantry Company FTXs, successfully integrating HUMINT Teams in simulated combat environments.
  • Led TSE (Technical Surveillance Equipment) training for HUMINT and Infantry Soldiers, fostering successful relationship building between both elements during field training exercises.
  • Contributed to the success of the TFT S2 section, recognized as the most reliable, hardworking, and effective section of the headquarters staff.
  • Led an effective MFT at JRTC 16-06, producing actionable intelligence reports for critical decisions by the Commander.
  • Communicated and built trust with the USARAF G2X and the AFRICOM J2, contributing to increased intelligence collection permissions at CL Garoua.
  • Maintained a 4.0 GPA towards a B.A. while managing the squad.
  • Ensured a seamless transition for one NCO, mentoring him for a successful transition from military to civilian life.
  • Mentored and helped develop one Soldier to attend and win the Battalion Soldier of the Month board.
  • Praised by the Company Commander for execution of priorities of work and defensive fighting position setup training during a Brigade FTX.
  • Supported a Soldier’s seamless transition from the military, providing guidance for a successful transition to civilian life.
  • Developed and prepared four Soldiers to attend Air Assault School, ensuring their graduation without delay.
  • Conducted Leader Professional Development classes on professional and personal relationships for TFT staff members.
  • Conducted weekly leadership classes outside duty hours for two TFT S2 junior Soldiers in preparation for the promotion board.
  • Ensured seamless transitions for two Soldiers, mentoring them for successful transitions from military to civilian life.
  • Maintained a 3.0 GPA while balancing family life and Army duties, preparing for transition from Active Duty to the U.S. Army Reserve.
  • Achieved a 1+ rating in the French OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) after completing a Brigade eight-week French Familiarization Course.
  • Prepared and sponsored two Soldiers to attend Air Assault School, resulting in their graduation without delay.
  • Served as the range NCOIC for one Company M4 qualification range, ensuring all Soldiers qualified without injury or incident.

Human Intelligence Collector

  • Participated in over 40 outside-the-wire missions.
  • Recovered four weapons caches containing 11 mortars, three anti-tank mines, and 33 rockets.
  • Assisted in over 350 interrogations at Field Detention Site Shank.
  • Conducted maintenance and took care of over $1.5 million worth of equipment.
  • Conducted over 100 source meetings with cooperative and positive results.
  • Produced over 600 Terrain and Intelligence-based Geospatial products crucial for multiple military forces.
  • Assisted in more than 20 special operations missions without casualties, injuries, or equipment loss or damage.
  • Wrote over 30 relevant Intelligence Information Reports, recognized for providing valuable information.
  • Authored over 90 Intelligence Information Reports and over 70 Contact Reports.

Fusion Cell NCOIC

  • Ran a CFC (Collaboration and Fusion Cell) instrumental in successful offensive operations against an aggressive enemy in Baghdad, Iraq during OIF 08-09.
  • Built a clear and concise operational picture of the battlespace by fusing intel from UN partners and US sources, leading to the capture/kill of confirmed targets.

HUMINT Collection Sergeant

  • Possessed an innate ability to develop and empower his subordinates, coaching and mentoring two Paratroopers selected for promotion to Sergeant.
  • Exhibited impeccable performance as the section NCOIC of a 10-member squad, instrumental in mentoring and training the section to maintain MOS proficiency.
  • Routinely sacrificed personal goals and time to ensure the mission of the section was accomplished on time and exceeded standards.
  • Received high recognition for producing the Squadron’s highest reporting with achievable results.
  • Received a Squadron coin from the Squadron CSM (Command Sergeant Major) for outstanding performance in combat operations.
  • Encouraged his Soldier to participate in two voluntary runs while deployed.
  • Challenged his Soldier both physically and mentally through tough and realistic training.
  • Led an intensive PT (Physical Training) program during deployment for the entire HCT (Human Collection Team), resulting in a 100% APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) pass rate.
  • Displayed a leader’s appearance and behavior, setting a positive example for others to follow.
  • Served as the HCT Team Leader for over a month, receiving accolades from the Brigade S2X (Intelligence Officer).
  • Mentored a Soldier and prepared him for the promotion board, resulting in a recommendation for promotion.
  • Repeatedly demonstrated exceptional leadership and initiative.
  • Completed a ##-hour Biometrics Automated Toolset/HIIDE Training course, ensuring A TRP (Alpha Troop) was fully prepared for detainee and local national enrollments.
  • Organized and implemented a PT program for Soldiers, using personal time to assist in its execution.
  • Dedicated personal time to ensure Soldiers were fully competent in warrior skills during combat patrols through experience-based training.
  • Maintained, accounted for, and secured HUMINT equipment valued in excess of ## in the absence of the team leader.
  • Flawlessly managed ## UNT (Unit Non-Training) in ICF (Installation, Configuration, and Fielding).
  • Chose the right path over the easy one, demanding the same from his Soldiers.
  • Led the field sanitation team to make the only company water buffalo operational, enabling its use for the first time in three years.
  • Ensured the most qualified intelligence Soldiers continued to serve in the Army as the Company Retention NCO, meeting the BN (Battalion) retention goal for two straight quarters.
  • Played a key role in leader engagement during one Infantry Company FTX, allowing company leaders to perform vital duties in a simulated combat environment.
  • Maintained $450,000 worth of equipment with 100% accountability.
  • Prepared three 240B machine gun crews for mounted gunnery skills training, resulting in all crews qualifying on day and night fire without injury or incident.
  • Served as the RSO (Range Safety Officer) for one Company M4 qualification range, ensuring all Soldiers qualified without injury or incident.
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