Brigade Paralegal NCOIC

  • Successfully processed over 100 Article 15s, 40 chapters, 6 Article 32 hearings, 5 Summary Courts-Martial, and provided assistance on over 20 BCD-Special and General Courts-Martial.
  • Offered legal support to the Special court-martial convening authority and all subordinate battalions, catering to a combined strength of over 5,000 Soldiers.
  • Thoroughly reviewed complex military justice and administrative files, conducting case law research.
  • Ensured meticulous preparation and organization for the digital discovery of over 100,000 bates-stamped documents for U.S. vs Hasan.
  • Provided training on newly acquired CaseMap software to three Judge Advocates and three NCOs, facilitating efficient document production in U.S. vs Hasan.
  • Conducted preliminary interviews of witnesses, eliminating invalid statements and complaints while preserving Defense Counsel’s schedule.
  • Created and submitted all office reports and maintained the brigade’s legal filing system.

Paralegal NCO

  • Developed various work products to enhance the overall office capability and performance of attorney duties within the Staff Judge Advocate function.
  • Prepared detailed reports on investigations of conscientious objectors within the battle space, presenting them to the Commanding General and Division Staff Judge Advocate.
  • Engaged in continuous training and provided one-on-one guidance to Paralegals experiencing difficulty in learning their MOS skill set.
  • Established effective working relationships with JAG counterparts from other military branches, benefiting the CAARNG JAG Corps’ resources and mission support.
  • Sacrificed personal time on multiple occasions to assist Soldiers and clients, ensuring their legal needs were met.
  • Recognized by the Staff Judge Advocate and Command Paralegal as the command’s Coggins Award nominee, reflecting excellence in paralegal work.
  • Processed over 520 legal actions with 95 percent accuracy while deployed to a theater of combat operations.
  • Demonstrated exceptional judgment and diplomacy when addressing legal issues with command teams.

Paralegal Specialist

  • Provided valuable insight and direct support to numerous high-visibility investigations, ensuring timely completion and accurate transcription.
  • Coordinated convoys for the Brigade Judge Advocate to conduct and attend Key Leader Engagements, while also providing security for the Brigade Judge Advocate at these events.
  • Motivated three subordinate Soldiers to pursue self-improvement through college and correspondence courses, resulting in 100 percent enrollment.
  • Implemented training in a forward-deployed environment, ensuring three Soldiers were fully proficient in technical and tactical skills, and readily shared combat experience.
  • Successfully completed a court-martial within three weeks in a combat environment, highlighting a strong mission focus.
  • Executed pre-deployment training proficiently, including convoy operations and react-to-contact drills, improving operational proficiency and readiness in the section.
  • Maintained 100 percent accountability of more than $20,000 worth of equipment, resulting in zero loss or damage during deployment.
  • Supervised the creation and manning of area force protection fighting positions for a Forward Operating Base in a theater of combat operations.
  • Ensured accurate and prompt reporting of all military justice actions for the unit, showcasing reliability and trustworthiness.
  • Supervised paralegals in the processing of over 550 POAs, 800 wills, and 1600 notaries in the office and SRPs, resulting in savings of over $300,000.00 in legal services for the unit.
  • Trained paralegals in the administration of UCMJ and separation boards, offering coaching during actual separation boards to ensure training standards were met.
  • Demonstrated outstanding devotion to Soldier care, taking the necessary time to assist clients with their personal legal needs and following through to conclusion.
  • Managed the Division’s legal assistance program, processing over 1500 notaries, POAs, wills, and legal correspondence, resulting in significant cost savings for Soldiers.

Court Reporter

  • Provided support for 13 General Courts-Martial, producing over 8,000 pages of transcript and accurate documentation for appeals.
  • Supported 11 Special Courts-Martial, contributing to the completion of records of trial and fulfilling the court reporter’s mission.

Paralegal NCO

  • Provided timely and outstanding assistance to clients and witnesses in support of administrative separation boards.
  • Successfully completed several short suspense administrative tasks for the team without assistance.
  • Received, processed, and recorded Inspector General Action Requests (IGARS) and contributed to the processing of 270 cases, resulting in our office being named the “Best IG Office in FORSCOM.”
  • Took charge of the evacuation and repatriation of a threatened local national, reducing the wait time to 24 hours through liaison with local contacts.
  • Served as the Kandahar Legal Office NCOIC, supervising and training five junior soldiers in the execution of their responsibilities.
  • Adjusted customer service hours to meet the needs of rotating shifts, increasing access to services by 50 percent.
  • Provided support to over 450 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, DOD civilians, and contractors on a daily basis.
  • Trained the Staff Judge Advocate section on Naturalization requirements and processes.
  • Submitted 45 citizenship packages and expedited applications, resulting in 12 Soldiers receiving citizenship while deployed.
  • Processed over 100 legal claims and followed through to resolution, reducing monetary hardship on families.
  • Processed over 50 wills, powers of attorney, and notarizations, supporting the mobilization of the sustainment brigade.
  • Trained 23d QuarterMaster Brigade civilian employees on Article 15 and Chapter administration, receiving a Certificate for Excellence.
  • Briefed over 3000 incoming service members on local conditions and Rules of Engagement.


  • Expedited the citizenship application process for Task Force members, resulting in six Soldiers within the Task Force receiving US citizenship while on deployment.

Military Justice NCOIC

  • Selected to act as the 1st TSC Military Justice NCOIC and OSJA NCOIC for two months during the absence of the NCOIC, chosen over 25 of her peers.

Paralegal Specialist

  • Completed the Judge Advocate General’s Advance Course 1, finishing 60 days ahead of schedule.
  • Served as the primary Command Post of the Future (CPOF) system operator for the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate during CSTX 2016.
  • Ensured the section’s briefing slides accurately reflected the section’s mission during daily Commander Update Briefs.
  • Managed the section tracking log, which consisted of all real-time and notional actions.
  • Motivated staff members, serving as the driving force and heart of the 214th Infantry Division’s legal operations.
  • Cross-trained paralegals on critical duties, enhancing their MOS skills and improving the office’s ability to adjust and adapt to last-minute changes.
  • Identified numerous flaws in courts-martial proceedings and administrative separation board proceedings.
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