• Assumed the role of trial counsel and successfully managed 23 cases of serious misconduct, skillfully guiding each through multiple courts martial.
  • Facilitated the transfer and pretrial confinement of an accused perpetrator.
  • Provided crucial advice to the Deputy Commander, Maneuver of the 36th ID during pivotal mission moments, including a wet gap crossing and an air assault, contributing to the successful completion of the mission.
  • Delivered world-class legal service and timely, wise legal guidance throughout the WFX 15-5 exercise, surpassing legal obligations to support the Soldiers.
  • Developed the 36th ID Battle Book, an invaluable resource that enhanced the capability of the 36th ID SJA team to provide exceptional legal service.
  • Embraced and excelled in the role of Judge Advocate, ensuring the full mission readiness of the 1450 JAG DET.
  • Obtained optimal outcomes for clients in courts-martial, administrative separation actions, and nonjudicial punishment proceedings as a defense counsel.
  • Supervised paralegals in processing over 500 POAs, 600 wills, and 1200 notaries in the office and SRPs, resulting in savings exceeding $100,000 in legal services.
  • Trained paralegals in the administration of UCMJ and separation boards, offering coaching during actual separation boards to ensure adherence to standards.
  • Managed the Division’s legal assistance program, which processed over 1300 notaries, POAs, wills, and legal correspondence, saving Soldiers over $25K.
  • Cross-trained paralegals in various duties, enhancing their MOS skills and improving their ability to adapt to last-minute changes.
  • Identified numerous flaws and errors in courts-martial proceedings and administrative separation board proceedings.
  • Planned and executed a high-profile 2012 Trial Advocacy joint training involving active duty, USAR, and ARNG JAG personnel.
  • Established effective working relationships with JAG counterparts from other military branches to leverage resources and provide mission support for the CAARNG JAG Corps.
  • Sacrificed personal time on multiple occasions to assist Soldiers and clients, ensuring their legal needs were properly addressed.
  • Processed over 500 legal actions with 95 percent accuracy while deployed to a theater of combat operations.
  • Demonstrated exceptional judgment and diplomacy when addressing legal issues with command teams.
  • Successfully completed a court-martial within three weeks in a combat environment, a task that typically takes about three months, showcasing a strong mission focus.
  • Ensured accurate and prompt reporting of all military justice actions for the unit.
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