• Provided support to JFHQ while serving as the Command Judge Advocate for the 58th EMIB.
  • Acted as the legal advisor for a high-profile administrative separation board.
  • Conducted training for subordinates during consolidated JAG training events in the role of senior JA, resulting in a 40% expansion of personnel capabilities.
  • Demonstrated technical proficiency in the receipt, processing, and recording of Inspector General Action Requests (IGARS).
  • Contributed to the processing of 310 cases, leading to our office being recognized as the “Best IG Office in FORSCOM” and receiving a superior rating during the SAV.
  • Offered timely and professional legal advice to the Joint Task Force Commander and subordinate commands through weekly briefings, along with conducting over one hundred legal reviews and adjudicating memoranda.
  • Provided training to hundreds of Soldiers and Commanders on military justice procedures and investigations.
  • Conducted numerous legal screenings during Habeas Corpus counsel visits, ensuring the preservation of offenders’ rights under the law.
  • Drafted procedures and tracked Requests for Information assigned to JTF-GTMO by SOUTHCOM in response to requests from Government, Habeas, and Commissions counsel.
  • Delivered legal reviews, memos, and briefs to the 416th Engineering Command and the Military Justice section of the JAG office at Ft. Campbell, ensuring the efficient functioning of justice.
  • Provided support to over 300 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, DOD civilians, and contractors on a daily basis.
  • Conducted training for the Staff Judge Advocate section on Naturalization requirements and processes.
  • Briefed over 3000 incoming service members on local conditions and Rules of Engagement.
  • Supervised paralegals in processing over 500 POAs, 600 wills, and 1200 notaries in the office and SRPs, resulting in saving over $100,000 in legal services.
  • Trained paralegals in the administration of UCMJ and separation boards, providing coaching during actual separation boards to ensure compliance with standards.
  • Managed the Division’s legal assistance program, which processed over 1300 notaries, POAs, wills, and legal correspondence, saving Soldiers over $25K.
  • Cross-trained paralegals in various duties, enhancing their MOS skills and increasing their ability to adapt to last-minute changes.
  • Identified numerous flaws and errors in courts-martial proceedings and administrative separation board proceedings.
  • Took charge of the evacuation and repatriation of a threatened local national, effectively reducing the wait time to 24 hours through liaison with local contacts.
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