• I led the implementation and operation of crucial data communication systems during the Command Training Exercise, validating the 36th Infantry Division before their deployment.
  • I supervised the deployment of seven separate communications systems, enabling mission-critical operations for 600 service members despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.
  • As the test lead for the National Assessment Group, I conducted a 21-day operational test of a new Radio Frequency (RF) system. Throughout the test, I collected over 400 gigabytes of data for vulnerability analysis.
  • I played a role in enhancing the security awareness posture of both the Communications Team and Command Group.
  • I ensured that the FORSCOM Communications Team fulfilled their requirements for improved equipment accountability, time management, and enhanced communication support to the Command Group Staff and supporting agencies.
  • I consistently achieved success in promptly setting up, deploying, and maintaining data networked communication and teleconference systems across multiple classified networks.
  • I provided continuous support to TASK FORCE ARTEMIS.
  • I successfully integrated over 300 civilian and military members into a highly motivated and effective team, supporting CF operations and fulfilling day-to-day business IT needs.
  • I continuously strived for personal and collective improvement and encouraged others to do the same.
  • During Operation Vibrant Response 13, I established communications at both the Marshalling yard and the Container yard, ensuring a smooth flow of information up to higher command.
  • My key contributions were instrumental in our unit achieving the highest results in program history during the NORAD IG-led Ground-Based Alert Force Evaluation (GBAFE) held in July 2013, receiving a “go” rating in all J6-related areas.
  • I mentored, directed, and ensured the completion of all online training, Warrior Tasks, and Battle Drills by my 33-man team. I consistently maintained a positive attitude and provided encouragement to the troops.
  • I made significant contributions to our success in two ARNORTH 263d AAMDC-led Organizational Readiness Evaluations (ORE) in August 2013 and January 2014, achieving “all green” results in all J6-related areas.
  • My ability to effectively communicate complex tactics, techniques, and practices kept the force alert and capable. Through my unwavering dedication to the mission and personal competence, I set an example for all who were present.
  • Despite facing four major, yet classified, SECRET mission challenges during AAMDC-led Organizational Readiness Evaluations, I responded quickly and focused on problem-solving, resulting in minimal disruption to operational readiness.
  • I generated enthusiasm and fostered high morale, recognizing the importance of rewarding achievement in promoting a positive sense of purpose and direction.
  • I successfully performed the responsibilities of a superior officer in a highly capable manner.
  • I assumed command of all aspects of the Battalion Communication Shop and executed all duties with exceptional superiority.
  • I took charge and effectively commanded subordinates to accomplish all missions, greatly improving the performance of the communication shop.
  • I significantly expanded the contribution of the communication shop to mission objectives within the 1st Battalion, 12th Special Forces Group (Abn).
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