• Coordinated the rapid movement of imagery for over 850 coalition missions from 16 OIF locations, producing more than 300 OIF news storyboards.
  • Documented criminal hearings for over 20 high-value detainees, playing a vital role in compiling evidence against enemy suspects.
  • Mentored over 100 military and civil service photographers at photography workshops in D.C. and San Diego, exposing them to the latest techniques and equipment.
  • Completed 22 combat and humanitarian missions, capturing and transmitting over 2,300 images to worldwide DoD media outlets. Provided captions for each image.
  • Developed and authored numerous radio news packages and infomercials, contributing to more than 2,000 hours of live radio broadcasts.
  • Covered Soldiers’ BOSS activities, emphasizing army-level priority. Captured video footage showcasing 16 Soldiers’ crisis response skills.
  • Assumed the role of 1st Squad Leader as an E-4, displaying exceptional leadership skills.
  • Chosen for a sensitive TDY, providing USASOC with 120 minutes of classified video as a Special Ops wartime training tool.
  • Devoted over 80 hours to developing training plans and goals for two quarterly drill periods and a combined Active and Reserve component Annual Training field exercise.
  • Captured unique Navy ceremony footage, delivering historical Navy heritage imagery that was viewed by over 5,000 visitors per month.
  • Developed training to ensure that all personnel were properly trained on PMCS (Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services) and troubleshooting procedures for assigned communications equipment.
  • Produced over 600 images and four news articles, all of which were approved and published for worldwide distribution.
  • Captured vital combat imagery of kinetic/non-kinetic and COIN (Counterinsurgency) operations conducted by coalition forces from eight nations. Used the images to enhance EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) and Force Protection efforts.
  • Deployed in support of NATO Special Operations Component Command and documented a hostage recovery mission where 13 prisoners of war were freed. Captured compelling images that shaped public opinion.
  • Documented the Afghan government-led HAMKARI initiative aimed at providing security and governance for the Afghan people. Provided key support to the DoD and Regional Command-South Afghanistan.
  • Served as the sole COMCAM Soldier on a six-day mission, filming participants from various nations to showcase joint coalition interoperability.
  • Produced eight video products highlighting the physical and emotional impact of an EF-5 tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma. Showcased the National Guard’s response time and the resilience of those affected.
  • Captured 40 hours of footage during a three-week TDY across the country and an additional 40 hours at Basic Military Training, documenting evolving policy.
  • Completed numerous rotational missions while maintaining the technical and tactical readiness of four Soldiers.
  • Achieved 100% of subordinate monthly counselings and rotational counselings.
  • Produced Brigade CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives) training videos, reducing required training time by 50%.
  • Documented joint WSEP (Warrior Strike Exercise Program) training, recording eight hours of footage to emphasize the benefits of bilateral warfighting training with British soldiers.
  • Played a key role in a USASOC suicide prevention film, spending 20 hours developing scenarios that enhanced resiliency for 10,000 individuals.
  • Selected for a joint exercise documentation team, providing imagery for the evaluation of Army/Air Force tactical operations.
  • Led a video team during static airborne operations, providing visual training aid and facilitating the evaluation of operations.
  • Conducted a two-day HD video equipment training session, boosting Public Affairs personnel competence and increasing productivity by 55%.
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