RETRANS Team Chief

  • I played a pivotal role in the creation of the Signal maintenance Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), significantly increasing the knowledge of signal soldiers regarding proper maintenance processes.
  • I diligently inspected and turned in over 100 pieces of communication equipment for repair and upgrades. After upgrading, I ensured the equipment was returned to troops in a mission-ready state.
  • During an NTC Rotation, I deployed a RETRANS team, providing long-range FM communications to the unit during operations.
  • Through mentorship, I helped three Signal Support Signal Specialists advance their MOS skills, enabling them to become Forward Support 25U’s.
  • I ensured the qualification of my RETRANS crew during BDE RETRANS crew training, securing a first-time pass in all training aspects.
  • I established a training program within the squad that significantly increased technician skills and reduced the amount of Non-Mission Capable (NMC) communication equipment by 50%.
  • I organized JCR operator and maintenance classes for six Signal Support Systems Specialists in the S6 shop.

25U/Section Chief

  • During (operation name) 17, I coordinated and provided effective communications plans for allied and partner nations.
  • As a Section Chief, I successfully managed a section through five major training events, logging over 5,000 hours of upper and lower tactical internet connectivity.
  • I coordinated with (agency) to conduct the first Security+ class at (location), resulting in the certification of 15 personnel.
  • I meticulously planned COMSEC support for Division MCE and non-organic lateral units, ensuring their ability to accomplish their missions.

Signal Support Specialist

  • I configured and established radio communications in 12 vehicles, enabling effective communication on the move.
  • I installed and maintained two battalion-level retransmission stations, enhancing communication capabilities.
  • I replaced all NIPR and SIPR cables and successfully reran 200 pair copper in NetCom, ensuring reliable network connections.
  • I provided instruction to peers and developed checklists for restoring communication equipment and surveillance cameras in the BDE TOC following power failures.
  • Through my training efforts, I equipped Soldiers from the 625th Signal Network Support with the necessary skills to operate VOIP phones, enhancing their combat readiness.
  • I provided critical communication support to the Forward Support Company, ensuring continuous connectivity.
  • I ensured that the staff had constant access to computers, printers, and network shared folders, enabling seamless operations.
  • I maintained the readiness of the VTC (Video Teleconference) system, ensuring it was always operational and ready for briefings.
  • I successfully reconfigured the Blue Force Tracker roles, optimizing its functionality.
  • I established a remote network using a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) in support of the Medical Wing’s Emergency Joint Operations Center (JOC) deployment plan.
  • I anticipated communication interruptions and ensured that the Automated Net Control Device (ANCD) was updated with current and future crypto for COMSEC changeover.
  • Through my training efforts, I trained over 100 Rangers on multiple communications equipment, significantly enhancing their ability to communicate effectively.
  • I taught Soldiers in the 512th how to load radios with an SKL (Simple Key Loader), reducing maintenance calls by 50%.
  • I effectively maintained, tested, and issued communication equipment, including AN/PRC-5D, AN/PRC-148, and AN/PRC-150 radio systems.
  • I provided critical technical support to ensure successful NET/Fielding for the 136th MEB.
  • I trained 26 Soldiers on battery charging and maintenance of the ANCD and Blue Force Tracker, enhancing their operational capabilities.
  • I set up the 3-156 Battalion Tactical Operations Center (TAC), enabling effective communication with soldiers in the field.
  • I ran and terminated all tactical fiber cables from the Joint Network Node (JNN) to the brigade Tactical Operations Center (TOC), ensuring reliable network connections.
  • I maintained accountability for 123 items of radio equipment, resulting in the complete recovery of all equipment at the end of the exercise.
  • I organized Thales and Harris radio operation and maintenance classes for the Signal Support Systems Specialists in the S6 shop, enhancing their knowledge and proficiency.
  • I provided support to the entire battalion and attached units during the COMSEC changeover, ensuring secure communications.
  • I assisted in the maintenance and operation of the JNN Shelter equipment, valued at over $1,000,000, ensuring its optimal functionality.

Retrans Team Member

  • I actively participated in four YTC rotations, two NTC rotations, and a deployment to Afghanistan in support of OEF.
  • Through my training efforts, I trained over 20 RTO’s and S6 personnel on BN communications systems, ensuring their readiness and maintaining communication capabilities in the BN.
  • My dedication and expertise in my MOS set me apart in the Battalion, gaining the trust and respect of peers and leadership.

Section Chief

  • I led the revision of the unit’s TACSOP (Tactical Standard Operating Procedure), contributing to an increase in the number of signal soldiers who became network administrators.
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