• Despite the challenges of operating in a forward-deployed and austere environment, I consistently demonstrated a high level of motivation.
  • I successfully overcame obstacles such as a lack of usable spare parts and frequent generator failures that caused additional damage to network equipment. Through my efforts, I ensured the continuous operational status of all links.
  • With dedication, I performed 1,200 maintenance actions on six Ground Control Stations valued at $100 million. These actions supported 1,200 training hours during 250 sorties, resulting in the readiness of 17 deployment-ready aircrews.
  • I maintained 100% uptime for strategic circuits terminating at the Fort Buckner Satellite Communications Facility.
  • Volunteering for a SATCOM technician exchange program, I fostered a relationship between the Army and Navy. This initiative increased circuit reliability and promoted a one-mission, one-team culture.
  • Through effective coordination, I facilitated six satellite link cutover events supporting three Carrier Strike Groups, including one tri-carrier operations event. This enabled command and control for 878 Navy SATCOM missions within the 7th Fleet Area of Operation.
  • I developed a comprehensive quick reference guide for STT operations, which is now utilized by all STT operators in the brigade.
  • SPC Zaywoysky, under my supervision, successfully validated three AN/TSC-167 Phoenix Satellite Systems in support of Bravo Company, 44th Expeditionary Signal Battalion.
  • I actively participated in 11 high-visibility JCS Emergency Action Message Readiness Exercises conducted by USAFE, USEUCOM, and STRATCOM.
  • Through my efforts, the Commander’s EUCOM Liaison Cell (CLC) maintained a 100% mission success rate.
  • I played a key role in validating equipment for the deployment readiness of the 62nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion.
  • My management skills were instrumental in recording all system defaults and solutions, providing a complete troubleshooting history for the 25S20 MOS.
  • I was assigned as the Team Leader for the repair and implementation of a defective Satellite Terminal, successfully bringing it to a mission-capable state.
  • I achieved an impressive 98% Satellite Transportable Terminal connection time during multiple Field Training Exercises and in preparation for JOAX.
  • I ensured continuous traffic on NC2 communication systems by maintaining all mission-required satellite communication systems above EUCOM and DISA standards.
  • I made valuable contributions to the Brigade’s overall success during MCSI Phase I through III and JOAX.
  • I assisted in the initial implementation of the ETC Common Operational Picture site, significantly enhancing the staff’s situational awareness.
  • As the senior 25S, I diligently maintained the Satellite Transportable Terminal (STT) for the Main Brigade Joint Network Node (JNN).
  • With close supervision and monitoring, I identified and resolved an outage caused by a faulty HSD card in a multiplexer, restoring operations within minutes.
  • I ensured the Satellite Transportable Terminal remained consistently maintained and operational, always ready for deployment.

CPN Operator/Maintainer

  • As a member of CPN team 79518 during the 12 CAB CPX, I ensured that the 412th ASB remained fully operational with minimal interruptions in data and voice services.
  • My meticulous attention to detail guaranteed the proper maintenance and readiness of all vehicles and communication equipment throughout the mission.
  • I actively pursued knowledge on my own equipment, including the JNN, ASIPS radios, and other Signal equipment, with the aim of enhancing mission efficiency in future operations.
  • I played a crucial role in sustaining critical communications for a Tactical Signal company.
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