MOS 25Q was converted to MOS 25H, Network Communication Systems Specialist in October 2022.

25Q/Senior Transmission Operator Maintainer

  • For the TOCEX mission, I successfully established both STT and CPN networks, ensuring continuous upper tactical internet communications for over 20 users at a remarkable rate of 95%.
  • Committed to self-development, I mentored four signal soldiers at the troop level, providing guidance and advancing their MOS tasks and STT/WIN-T operations, both in the field and garrison.
  • I executed critical field maintenance on one STT, two CPN servers, and one M577 tactical command post track. This effort resulted in an impressive 80% increase in communications proficiency.
  • In my supervisory role, I effectively prepared work schedules for personnel engaged in the installation, operation, and maintenance of multichannel and tropospheric scatter radio systems.
  • When inclement weather caused the SMART-T link to go down and be unresponsive, I identified the lack of offset as the problem and successfully restored mission capability.
  • Despite being the newest member, my enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge kept the entire section sharp and fostered an exceptional working environment.
  • During a rotation at the national training center, I successfully maintained and operated a satellite transportable trailer, ensuring reliable communications.
  • Through cross-training with MOS 25N Nodal Network Systems Operator-Maintainer, I addressed personnel shortages and significantly increased readiness.
  • During the FTX phase of AT 2013, my dedication to learning while cross-training as a 25N contributed to the overall success of the signal mission.
  • I effectively set up numerous communication links exceeding 20 miles in the Black Hills region.
  • As the overseer of mission preparation and completion, including convoys to and from Camp Rapid, South Dakota, I ensured a successful outcome.
  • I took charge of a highly successful HCLOS team, surpassing expectations for a position typically reserved for a Staff Sergeant.
  • In support of WAREX, I played a pivotal role in configuring HCLOS setups at various sites, minimizing delays and optimizing readiness.

25Q20 Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator

  • I efficiently troubleshot and restored the STT 1060 for the CSTX mission while providing assistance to other teams in getting their systems operational.
  • By addressing 103 cyber vulnerabilities on the Tactical Network, I played a key role in ensuring efficient command and control of TF Ragnar.
  • I maintained continuous reporting of all movement and placement statuses for soldiers assigned to 834 ASB across six tactical locations.
  • As a key leader, I facilitated the transition of the WIN-T communications network from the 601st eCAB to the 40th CAB Transition of Authority.
  • Providing technical assistance to subordinates, I helped resolve connectivity problems and complex maintenance faults. I also demonstrated leadership during contingency situations.
  • I showcased my tactical and technical proficiency by training the 443rd Signal Company on HCLOS operations, troubleshooting, and common transmission issues.
  • Single-handedly, I established a HCLOS site at FOB Hardy, displaying my exceptional technical abilities.
  • As the High Capacity Line of Sight (HCLOS) team leader during Annual Training 2013, I ensured that all communication equipment in the HCLOS remained fully operational, resulting in 100% Line of Sight (LOS) coverage across the 36th Infantry Division’s Area of Operation.
  • I diligently maintained the STT equipment and ensured the generators remained fueled and operational.
  • Capable, diligent, and prepared, I was the only SMART-T in the battalion that remained operational during the semi-annual crypto reset.
  • I successfully rerouted two distant sites to complete the communications mesh, preventing a critical outage.
  • With a focus on readiness, I conducted inventories and tested signal equipment and ancillary support equipment, ensuring that DSC and HHBN equipment were fully mission-ready.
  • I provided comprehensive training on all 3-15 IN Satellite Transportable Trailer equipment to personnel, equipping them with the necessary skills for operational success.
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