MOS 25N was converted to MOS 25H, Network Communication Systems Specialist in October 2022.

  • During the Brigade Command Post Exercise, I effectively managed and operated the Upper Tactical Internet for the 5-25 battalion, ensuring seamless communication and restoring vital connections.
  • I successfully resolved issues with corrupted vms and restored the functionality of NIPR and SIPR. Additionally, I fixed a problem with a SIPR router stuck in a boot up loop, ensuring secure communications.
  • Collaborating with the hub, I identified and resolved troubles with the SIPR call manager and dhcp voice pool within the SIPR router, thereby enabling proper functioning of SIPR voice.
  • I demonstrated exceptional troubleshooting skills in managing a highly complex network. Upon my arrival, I promptly resolved all 656 Signal Co. communication issues within the first day.
  • I cross-trained the Platoon on troubleshooting procedures in the Joint Network Node, guaranteeing the reliability of the DIV C4I architecture.
  • Deploying with the 214th MP BN, I successfully established and initiated a communication network, ensuring reliable communication around the clock.
  • Prior to AT, I dedicated countless hours beyond my normal drill requirements to configure and troubleshoot issues within the JNN and STT systems. As a result, I established SIPR communication for the brigade in record time.
  • With diligent foresight and experienced trend analysis, I maintained 99.9% network connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted service.
  • I effectively managed, maintained, and operated JNN Shelter equipment valued at over $1,000,000, providing critical technical support.
  • To ensure a seamless transition for incoming unit scouts, I developed a comprehensive continuity book that detailed the network topology and incorporated valuable lessons learned.
  • I meticulously maintained the generator for the JNN Shelter and all NIPR/SIPR computers and phones, resulting in zero power failures or loss of communication.
  • During my service as an Operator-Maintainer in the Unit Hub Node (UHN) in OEF, I delivered reliable service to over 130 communication terminals across Regional Command South AOO.
  • I facilitated dependable connectivity for more than 130 terminals in the Regional Command South area of operations, contributing to a 98% efficiency rating for UHN 6703.
  • I provided valuable assistance to the Brigade and 489th MEB in the setup, operation, and maintenance of the JNN, STT, CPN, and CPOF operations.
  • I meticulously maintained the gator and spares kit for the JNN shelter and ECU units, ensuring zero failures due to lack of supplies.
  • Daily, I conducted detailed inventories of sensitive items and submitted comprehensive reports, maintaining 100% accountability.
  • With a focus on preventing future failures, I authored equipment-specific SOPs for all unit communication equipment, incorporating valuable lessons learned from previous exercises.
  • I fulfilled the BDOC requirement as OP5 Tower Guard for over 300 hours and received commendation for successfully defending the assigned tower.
  • In my spare time, I willingly volunteered as a certified mail handler for FOB Salerno and FOB Lightning.
  • I demonstrated exceptional physical fitness by securing second place in the 12K Mountain Run on FOB Thunder, setting an excellent example for my subordinates.
  • During the 2015 Annual Training at Wendover, I proficiently utilized both NIPR and SIPR to exercise all facets of CPOF, showcasing my versatility and expertise.
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