MOS 25L was converted to MOS 25H, Network Communication Systems Specialist in October 2022.

  • Installed routine and ad hoc Defense Switched Network (DSN) and Voice over Secure Internet Protocol (VOSIP) telephone connections, ensuring seamless communication for the reins of command.
  • Installed four network systems across two buildings, making significant contributions to the beddown of Operation Inherent Resolve and laying the groundwork for the Syrian Train and Equip mission.
  • Assigned as the wire team NCOIC for the USF-I Command relocation to Al Asad, completing all tasks five days ahead of schedule and receiving excellent commendations (25L20).
  • Selected from among peers to replace a team member at Camp Simba in Manda Bay, Kenya.
  • Troubleshot and repaired the Armed Forces Network, rebuilding over 200 feet of cable to restore functionality.
  • Took charge of and restored the morale of the Telephone Maintenance Team, fostering a positive work environment.
  • Led a three-man team from the Radio Maintenance shop, providing instruction to Marines on proper equipment maintenance.
  • Successfully eliminated a 90-day backlog of jobs within a 30-day timeframe, showcasing efficiency and dedication.
  • Removed and reran all NIPR and SIPR cables to standard, updated circuit cards, resulting in improved documentation and reduced troubleshooting efforts.
  • Punched down 200 pair copper in Netcom, ensuring reliable network connectivity.
  • Installed over 100 lines of NIPR and SIPR cable and ran 24-strand fiber optic cable at the MARS station, increasing capacity and flexibility of the network.
  • Ran and buried 2,500 feet of network cable throughout the base camp during CSTX, laying the foundation for successful network connectivity on Base Camp Liberty.
  • Demonstrated ambition, drive, and a willingness to learn by cross-training as a 25Q during the FTX phase of AT, contributing to the overall success of the signal mission and the CPN team’s mission.
  • Fostered positive relations between USMC G-6 and 349th Signal Bn, facilitating effective collaboration and communication.
  • Maintained 99% uptime for critical SIPRNET/NIPRNET networks, ensured the functionality of the STT, and kept generators running smoothly.
  • Supported Joint Exercise Yama Sakura and provided essential service to commands above G-6.
  • Volunteered for and successfully completed the Special Forces Basic Combat Support Course, showcasing a dedication to continuous learning and development.
  • Endured rain and dust storms while tirelessly working to install and test cables, ensuring optimal network performance.
  • Participated in Army Week and earned 2nd place in Land Navigation for the 58th Signal Battalion, displaying exceptional skills and abilities.
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