MOS 25H was established in October 2022 and consists of former occupational specialties 25L, 25N, and 25Q.

  • Assigned as the wire team NCOIC for the USF-I Command relocation to Al Asad, completing all tasks five days ahead of schedule and receiving excellent commendations.
  • Cross-trained during the FTX phase of AT, contributing to the overall success of the signal mission and the CPN team’s mission.
  • Displayed a strong commitment to self-development by mentoring four troop-level signal Soldiers in both field and garrison environments, advancing their MOS tasks and STT/WIN-T operations.
  • Established both STT and CPN networks for TOCEX, ensuring 95% continuous upper tactical internet communications for over 20 users.
  • Implemented critical field maintenance on 1 STT, 2 CPN servers, and 1 M577 tactical command post track, resulting in an 80% increase in communications proficiency.
  • Installed four network systems across two buildings, playing a crucial role in the beddown of Operation Inherent Resolve and facilitating the Syrian Train and Equip mission.
  • Installed routine and ad hoc Defense Switched Network (DSN) and Voice over Secure Internet Protocol (VOSIP) telephone connections, ensuring reliable communication for the reins of command.
  • Conducted inventory and testing of signal equipment and ancillary support equipment, ensuring that DSC and HHBN equipment was fully mission-ready.
  • Managed a highly complex network and demonstrated outstanding troubleshooting skills, resolving all 656 Signal Co. communication issues within the first day of arrival.
  • Provided reliable connectivity to over 130 terminals throughout the Regional Command South area of operations, enabling UHN 6703 to maintain a 98% efficiency rating.
  • Ran and buried 2,500 feet of network cable throughout the base camp during CSTX, laying the foundation for successful network connectivity on Base Camp Liberty.
  • Removed and reran all NIPR and SIPR cables to standard, updated circuit cards, improving documentation and reducing troubleshooting efforts.
  • Restored corrupted virtual machines (VMs) and NIPR/SIPR systems, resolving issues such as a SIPR router stuck in a boot-up loop, ensuring sustained secure communications.
  • Served as an Operator-Maintainer in the Unit Hub Node (UHN) during OEF, providing service to over 130 communication terminals across the Regional Command South area of operations.
  • Collaborated with the hub to troubleshoot and fix issues with the SIPR call manager and DHCP voice pool within the SIPR router, ensuring proper functionality of SIPR voice communication.
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