Info Tech Team Chief

  • Supervised and created over 400 Tactical SIPR accounts used throughout 18 Warfighting Exercises for 1CD (1st Cavalry Division).

Help Desk Administrator

  • Demonstrated exceptional performance while assigned to the Erbil Air Base Help Desk, playing a critical role in mission success.
  • Maintained services for over 1,000 U.S. and Coalition Forces, including the 2nd Security Force Assistance Brigade and Combined Joint Task Force OIR, with an uptime rate 5% better than the previous year.
  • Trained over 20 Information Management Officers, resulting in a 25% decrease in Help Desk calls.
  • Increased the number of positive customer comments by 25% through a positive attitude and professionalism, reflecting increased efficiency.

Information Technology Specialist

  • Utilized administrator permissions to resolve critical network downtime, restoring mission capability in KFAB.
  • Successfully resolved network failures, restoring critical VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), NIPR/SIPR workstations, network switches, and SNAP (Secure Internet Protocol Router) terminal.
  • Troubleshot and configured TAA4’s (Tactical Army Airfield Automation System) CPN (Command Post Node) stack to meet mission requirements, establishing communications and facilitating command and control.
  • Reconfigured both the STT (Small Tactical Terminal) switch and the CPN Colorless Router, restoring communications with all other units in the field.
  • Assisted the 2nd Medical Brigade in bringing phones and laptops up on EXNET (Extended Network), maintaining communications with the parent unit to support mission requirements.
  • Dynamic trainer who conducted training for over 120 Soldiers and civilian personnel in EO (Equal Opportunity), SHARP (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention), and MRT (Master Resilience Training), resulting in 100% completion of DA (Department of the Army) mandated requirements.
  • Committed to excellence, earned Security+ Baseline Certification while serving as night shift NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge) during the direct support of KR ’13 (Korea 2013).
  • Played a critical role in the execution of the Joint Information Environment-Korea (JIE-K) project, upgrading both CENTRIXS-K (Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System-Korea) and GCCS-J (Global Command and Control System-Joint) data centers to maintain 99.9% uptime.
  • Selected as the Brigade Pregnancy Post Partum PT (P3T) NCOIC, motivating and training all participants through a skillfully planned and tailored fitness program.
  • Displayed genuine concern for his Soldiers and actively engaged in the SHARP program, ensuring his Soldiers recognized the threat of sexual harassment and assault.
  • Dedicated leader who excelled as the Battle NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge) during Ulchi Freedom Guardian 2013, ensuring zero downtime of critical services supporting the USFK (United States Forces Korea) Commander.
  • Displayed outstanding administrative and operational skills in the planning, coordination, and execution of BFT (Blue Force Tracking) training, directly contributing to the readiness of five soldiers and six BFT Command and Control systems.
  • Managed and encouraged other Signal Soldiers to study for certifications in accordance with DoD (Department of Defense) Directive 8570.1.

System Administrator

  • Configured all tactical servers during the Brigade Staff Training Exercise (STAFFEX), supporting the 10th CSH (Combat Support Hospital).
  • Responded to calls for service and often restored operations within minutes, minimizing downtime.
  • Ensured proper configuration of all tactical servers prior to deployment, resulting in the smoothest deployed operations to date.
  • Created and managed 10th CSH user accounts and arranged MC4 (Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care) training for both users and system administrators.
  • Successfully established digital systems and facilitated communication between them ahead of schedule, providing a foundation for the success of the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) during STAFFEX.
  • Trained database operators on the network and basic troubleshooting, resulting in zero interruptions.
  • Established a COMSEC (Communications Security) account for Video Teleconferencing (VTC), supporting mobility and route clearance missions.
  • Completed 155 work orders while working as a System Administrator at Kabul Military Training Center, reducing delays by 75%.


  • Ensured USFK Joint Staff maintained 100% accountability of crypto material, providing guidance to ensure all personnel were aware of their responsibilities.
  • Selected over numerous senior NCOs as the NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge) of the Allied and Joint manned COMSEC sections.
  • Trained over 40 hand receipt holders on proper COMSEC procedures in accordance with TB 380-41 (Electromagnetic Radiation Hazards) and AR 380-40 (Policy for Safeguarding and Controlling Communications Security Material), resulting in a satisfactory Department of the Army rating.
  • Developed a keying plan with joint organizations worldwide, ensuring 25% more efficiency and eliminating the need for over 140 NSA (National Security Agency) produced short titles.
  • Implemented a program that taught joint staff personnel the operation of key loaders and filling end cryptographic equipment in support of USFK, UNC (United Nations Command), and CFC (Combined Forces Command) staff.
  • Provided guidance and oversight, revamping the USFK J6 COMSEC status effective messages, which supported worldwide communications.
  • Managed and maintained over 1,000 USFK short titles, supporting U.S. Joint Staff and ROK (Republic of Korea) military networks, resulting in 99% operational readiness.
  • Provided excellent technical and administrative support to 40 COMSEC hand receipt holders within USFK, UNC, and CFC Staff.
  • Provided superb COMSEC key support for (Unit, BN, BDE, DIV, etc.), ensuring 100% operability during (Exercises, deployments, etc.).
  • Demonstrated motivation and trove of knowledge, but needs further guidance in taking initiative and accountability.
  • Revised and updated the COMSEC Hand Receipt Holder’s Course for the Brigade, reducing the class duration from 3 hours to one.
  • Aided immeasurably in several Operational Readiness Inspections, Unit Compliance Inspections, and Communications Security Inspections.
  • Completed the Electronic Key Distribution Course, utilizing new skills to automate COMSEC key distribution throughout the Afghanistan AOR (Area of Responsibility).
  • Masterminded the control and security of 75 classified equipment items, achieving a 100% inventory of $2.5 million in assets with zero security violations.
  • Packed and processed 14 full COMSEC packages for teams deploying in support of Haiti Relief Operations, enabling deployment within 12 hours of alert recall.
  • Maintained 12 COMSEC accounts with 100% accountability and zero COMSEC compromises or reportable COMSEC incidents.
  • Ensured the Automated Net Control Device (ANCD) was updated and ready with all new crypto for COMSEC roll-over.
  • Trained over 150 soldiers in the day-to-day management and storage of COMSEC material.
  • Recognized as a top-notch NCO who enjoys and expects challenges, while instilling confidence in subordinates and setting an example for all to emulate.
  • Focused on personal certification success instead of sharing knowledge with the section, requiring improvement.

Information Systems Technician

  • Served as one of five service members within the USAREUR Kelley Special Services team, providing around-the-clock support.
  • Provided vital C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence) services to USAFRICOM, 104 Defense Attaché Offices (DAO), and various Defense Clandestine Services (DCS) stations around the world.
  • Oversaw and assisted with daily hardware and software technical support to USAREUR and USAFRICOM, as well as four Defense Intelligence Liaison (DIAL) Offices.

25B/Telephone Control Operator

  • Ensured communication readiness as TCO and supervised the contract renewal process for over 14 Army cellular telephones.

Supervisory IT Specialist

  • Acted as a member of the Joint Regional Security Stack (JRSS) Fire Team, resolving customer issues to maintain communications across the DoDIN (Department of Defense Information Network) for over 800,000 customers.
  • Provided oversight of the JRSS Management Cell (JMC) and coordinated, planned, and scheduled all future JRSS migrations.
  • Served as NETCOM’s Change Advisory Board Chair and Change Management Process owner in the NETCOM G3/5 Current Operations Branch from 2017 to 2019.
  • Processed over 1,000 Network Requests for Change and disseminated six enterprise-wide documents detailing configuration changes directed by HQDA (Headquarters, Department of the Army).

Data Systems Integrator

  • Awarded the Army Achievement Medal for tactical expertise during LTP (Lane Training Plan), RSOI (Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration), and FSO (Field Sustainment Operations) phases of NTC (National Training Center) 11-04.
  • Established a full helpdesk and Information Assurance program supporting over 4,400 pieces of automation equipment on three different networks.
  • Earned Cisco Certified Network Associate certification.
  • Maintained physical performance while working 12 hours or more during OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) 10-11.
  • Demonstrated impeccable professional manner and military courtesy when dealing with superiors and subordinates.
  • Recognized as Hero of the Rotation NTC 11-04 for leading her team during the RSOI phase.
  • Selected for early deployment as a torch party member to establish initial connectivity for the brigade headquarters, ensuring a seamless relief in place process for all users.
  • Encouraged other Signal Soldiers to study for certifications to become information management officers to better support battalions across the brigade.
  • Trained four Soldiers in three different MOSs (Military Occupational Specialties) to become brigade helpdesk IMOs in support of field exercises, rotations at the National Training Center, and OEF 10-11.
  • Developed and implemented a new automated trouble ticket system, increasing user productivity by 50% and minimizing downtime.
  • Shared expert knowledge of automation systems with subordinates and customers.
  • Managed the successful distribution and accountability of over 1,200 pieces of automation equipment to six different companies, valued at over $1,500,000.
  • Successfully encouraged 100% of her Soldiers to sign up for both military correspondence and civilian education, allowing them to advance in their careers.
  • Highly recommended for promotion and attendance at the Senior Leaders Course.


  • Set up the Command Group and Division Staff TOC (Tactical Operations Center), configuring the TACSAT Radio and setting up and monitoring the GRIPS (Global Rapid Information Projection System) for Swift Response 2015 in Baumholder.

CPN Operator

  • Demonstrated exceptional capability as a Command Post Node (CPN) Information Technology Specialist, managing a highly complex network and successfully maintaining and operating over $2,000,000 worth of IT equipment consisting of an STT (Satellite Transportable Terminal) trailer and a NIPR/SIPR (Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router/Secure Internet Protocol Router) CPN stack.

Senior Information Systems Specialist

  • Technically and tactically proficient Info Systems Sergeant, earning Computing Technology Industry Association and Security Plus certifications.

Information Systems Squad Leader

  • Motivated and trained a newly formed squad of seasoned and inexperienced 25B’s (Military Occupational Specialty 25B – Information Technology Specialist) to deploy in support of the 640th ASB’s (Aviation Support Battalion) deployment to Iraq.

Information Systems Team Chief

  • Managed the successful distribution and accountability of over 60 pieces of automation equipment to four different companies, valued at over $40,000.

S-3 Training NCOIC

  • Conducted over 100 hours of Digital Training Management System (DTMS) training, resulting in a 30% increase in the battalion’s qualification rate.
  • Improved the battalion’s overall training readiness tracking and reporting procedures by 75% through proficient utilization of DTMS skills.
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