Carpenter and Mason

  • Provided assistance to the Army Corps of Engineers and Task Force in a drainage project and the construction of a motor pool parking lot.
  • Played a key role in the construction of six super tent pads.
  • Assumed full responsibility for overseeing facility construction and managing repairs.
  • Skillfully built four two-story guard towers, significantly enhancing security measures.
  • Successfully completed the SEA Hut project during the 240th Engineers’ 2016 Annual Training.
  • Constructed two burnout latrines, improving sanitation and waste disposal within the camp.
  • Demonstrated exceptional pride and enthusiasm in every task assigned on PCB 133, consistently delivering excellent results throughout the rotation.
  • Deployed with the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion to construct a series of wooden buildings critical for NATO command and control in Regional Command North.
  • Developed and implemented numerous innovative plans to enhance the detachment’s day-to-day operations.
  • Established and conducted daily physical fitness training sessions, assisting soldiers in meeting height and weight standards and improving their APFT scores.
  • Played a key role in completing a project two days ahead of schedule during the Extended Combat Training (ECT) at Ft A.P. Hill Castle IRC.
  • Exemplified leadership with a proactive and “Take Charge” attitude, fostering a sense of teamwork, loyalty, and initiative within the team.
  • Implemented new policies to prioritize the use of the first-in-first-out method for concrete mixing materials, resulting in annual savings of over $2,000 by minimizing supply expiration.
  • Executed the layout and construction of two DFAC (Dining Facility) pads, delivering them 30 days ahead of schedule.
  • Expanded skill set by learning and qualifying on six types of concrete testing equipment.
  • Led by example, anticipating potential problems, effectively delegating tasks, and taking care of the troops.
  • Maintained accountability of assigned Soldiers and equipment, demonstrating maturity in handling Soldier issues and displaying outstanding judgment in mission accomplishment.
  • Oversaw the construction of two burnout latrines, improving camp hygiene and waste disposal practices.
  • Participated in the construction of four guard towers, significantly enhancing camp security.
  • Trained 12 SEABEES (Navy Construction Battalion personnel) on proper equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Volunteered for and assisted in DFAC duties, ensuring all soldiers of the 120th Engineer Battalion received meals first.
  • Played a crucial role in clearing over 100 meters of trees and shrubs, as well as placing over 200 meters of concertina wire and pickets, enhancing camp security measures.
  • Demonstrated unparalleled knowledge and technical skills in building SEA huts, showcasing expertise in the field.
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