Team Leader

  • Assisted as a site supervisor in building an entry control point in Taji, Iraq, overseeing the movement of over 400 Alaskan barriers.
  • Supervised inventories during a change of command, ensuring 100% accuracy in the process.
  • Provided remedial training to Soldiers on the controls of each piece of equipment, improving operational effectiveness and safety.

Heavy Equipment Operator

  • Performed daily Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS), services, and road tests to maintain a 99% equipment readiness rate.
  • Prioritized safety, resulting in the team logging over 3,500 accident-free hours of equipment operation during deployment in Afghanistan.
  • Cleared over 20 acres of woods using the D7 dozer to build a forward operating base at Fort Polk.
  • Constructed both below ground and above ground tank defilades, enhancing tank maneuverability.
  • Assisted in the completion of a medical staff holding area, renovated living quarters, and dug trenches for plumbing pipes.
  • Trained peers in dozer operations, increasing the effectiveness of RCP 2’s Route Clearance Operations.
  • Contributed to numerous maintenance and repair projects that kept the roads open and traffic flowing at RMTC.
  • As a Kalmar operator, transported over 70 pieces of equipment and provided exceptional support to the CRSYARD.
  • Hauled over 100 truckloads of soil and loaded 300 trucks with soil using a 2 1/2 loader.
  • Delivered outstanding performance on the grader during the final grade, contributing to 50% completion of the project.

Backhoe Loader

  • Operated a backhoe loader, excavating 5 bunkers and a system of interlocking trenches during Operation VERTICAL STRIKE, playing a key role in the operation’s success.
  • Learned each phase of the construction project during AT, demonstrating drive and determination to meet a fast-paced schedule.
  • Moved 1500 cubic yards of sand, improving operations and reducing risk for contractors at K crossing.
  • Supervised a squad of 9 soldiers while pouring 120 cubic yards of concrete, completing various construction tasks for the Fargo Maintenance Shop.
  • Erected four kilometers of HESCO barriers ahead of schedule, enhancing security measures.
  • Accountable for and maintained a D7R Dozer, M983A4 LET, and M870A1 trailer, conducting weekly PMCS and ensuring proper care of the equipment and BII.
  • Demonstrated dependability as a team member, willingly volunteering for various details such as fuel, water, and latrine duties.
  • Contributed to the effectiveness and success of projects Triad TOC and Motorpool 22, operating and maintaining equipment and materials worth over $500,000.
  • Played a role in the platoon’s success in airfield site operations during SP245 and SP078 projects.
  • Cleared and grubbed over 100 meters of trees and shrubs, as well as laid over 200 meters of concertina wire and pickets.
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