• Trained new arrivals on the operation and maintenance of .50 caliber and 240B weapons, ensuring their proficiency and readiness.
  • Played a crucial role in training the platoon to become proficient in route clearance procedures, enhancing the unit’s effectiveness in hazardous environments.
  • Volunteered to troubleshoot the unit’s Blue Force Tracker system during his downtime, bringing the unit to a 100% readiness level before scheduled STX (Situational Training Exercise) lanes training.
  • Displayed exceptional motivation, interest, and attention to detail by volunteering for duties outside his primary MOS, guaranteeing success in all his endeavors.
  • Organized and delivered classes on operating the Atlas 10K forklift and the LRT (Light Recovery Trailer) wheel-mounted crane on an active airfield, ensuring proper training and safe operations.
  • Qualified as an expert in both rifle marksmanship and hand grenades, serving as a role model for his peers.
  • Demonstrated operational flexibility in roles such as Team Leader, Tactical Commander, and lead IED (Improvised Explosive Device) interrogator arm operator.
  • Stepped up in the absence of an NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) during rotation 10 and admirably fulfilled his inherited responsibility for four other soldiers.
  • Successfully completed 14 missions, including five at Miami ECP (Entry Control Point) and three CMP (Convoy Live Fire) Lanes, which were considered the unit’s most challenging duties.
  • Participated in 11 Combat Logistic Patrols in support of the 179th EN CO (Engineer Company), risking personal welfare to help the sister company complete their mission.
  • Demonstrated initiative outside normal duties by learning to operate and troubleshoot the AN/PRC-145 (MBITR) radio, enhancing safe movement and communication.
  • Utilized his experience to repair radios and restore tractor/trailer communications within the convoy.
  • Served as the weapons checks NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) for all crew-served weapons, including five M2 .50 caliber machine guns, five 240Bs, and five M249s.
  • Conducted inspections of weapons before and after each mission, performing duties one level above his grade/rank.
  • Dedicated himself to training during the day while fulfilling his duties during mid-shift hours, actively increasing his tactical skills.
  • Assisted in tracking over 2,500 Route Clearance missions and logged over 250 significant activities as a Battle Staff team member during OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) 2010-2011.
  • Received the US Army Honor Award and was recognized for honor and loyalty during Combat Engineer OSUT (One-Station Unit Training) training.
  • Assisted platoon leadership in training and mentoring soldiers for future combat deployments, ensuring their preparedness and success.
  • Provided exceptional service while attached to the XX Engineer Company, helping train soldiers on route clearance tactics and procedures.
  • Provided security and eliminated two enemy combatants during the Company FTX (Field Training Exercise).
  • Achieved Expert qualification on the M203 range and assisted the platoon in running the range effectively.
  • Trained and supervised his team on demolitions, resulting in his team achieving 100% qualification on Engineer Qualification Tables during the Company’s demolition range.
  • Demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the 216th Engineer Mobility Augmentation Company, often taking on responsibilities above his paygrade.
  • Aided his team during Annual Training 2016 in the Combat Engineer field and developed and implemented training in Engineer breaching tasks.
  • Acquired knowledge in dismounted aid, emergency CLS (Combat Lifesaver), the use of combat gauze, and treating bullet wounds.

21B3O/Recon Sergeant

  • Scheduled and managed over 110 ATRRS (Army Training Requirements and Resources System) applications, directly increasing the MOSQ (Military Occupational Specialty Qualification), ASI (Additional Skill Identifier), and NCOES (Noncommissioned Officer Education System) levels under a sourced posture.
  • Played an instrumental role in the development of the headquarters TOC (Tactical Operations Center) SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), setting the baseline for successful operations tracking within a combat arms unit.
  • Demonstrated a methodical and disciplined approach to all suspense items and actions, resulting in increased productivity.

21B2O/Team Leader

  • Trained and supervised his team on demolitions, ensuring 100% qualification on Engineer Qualification Tables during the Company’s demolition range.
  • Demonstrated operational flexibility as a Team Leader, Tactical Commander, and QRF (Quick Reaction Force) commander.
  • Possessed prolific problem-solving capabilities, earning respect and admiration from both leadership and team members.
  • Played an instrumental role in increasing Company capabilities by completing the E8 ASI (Additional Skill Identifier) course, one of the most technically challenging courses for combat engineer leaders.

21B3O/Squad Leader

  • Provided consistent guidance and counseling to soldiers in his squad, resulting in a high degree of trust and respect from his soldiers.
  • Actively solicited soldier feedback and suggestions during training events to instill a sense of ownership within the company.
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