Armor Crewman

  • Played a crucial role in training the new driver and gunner, despite being the loader, significantly contributing to the smooth operations of the tank’s gun functions.
  • Demonstrated adaptability by seamlessly transitioning between positions to meet the needs of the tank, resulting in a substantial increase in operational readiness.
  • Integrated terrain analysis, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield, and training techniques to gain a tactical advantage during the NTC (National Training Center) exercises.
  • Ensured completion of tasks at the loader’s and driver’s stations, emphasizing safety and readiness.
  • Exhibited a positive attitude and exceptional technical knowledge, enabling the crew to perform at the highest standards during tank gunnery.
  • Led a forward patrol that immobilized one team and destroyed two others during a CMTC (Combat Maneuver Training Center) rotation.
  • Provided invaluable assistance in the preparation and execution of field training and breach operations LPD (Leadership Professional Development).
  • Motivation and experience were strong contributing factors to the successful completion of the ODA’s (Operational Detachment-Alpha) training mission.
  • Conducted safe and effective calls for fire, resulting in over 6,000 rounds fired without any loss to equipment or personnel.
  • Ensured comprehensive training in gunnery skills and tasks for all crews.
  • Engineered a system for securing a lane marking kit to the M113A3, enabling his squad to complete initial lane marking through a minefield faster than any other squad.
  • Worked outside of his primary MOS as a 19K (M1 Armorer Crewman) to complete the Warhorse Crucible.
  • Played a key role in the qualification of four out of five crews.
  • Earned “Superior” qualification ratings on each of three tank gunnery qualifications.
  • Led his crew to excel in a recent NTC rotation and a live-fire demonstration for the Secretary of the Army.
  • Provided valuable feedback to the Fort Sill Fires Center of Excellence for future course development.
  • Successfully completed the 1,500 Meter Engagement Course Class 03-12.
  • His section was rated the best in the battery, earning the title of Battery “Top Gun.”
  • Provided outstanding support as the RTO (Radio Telephone Operator) for 2nd Platoon Delta Company 3-8 CAV (Cavalry) on a rotational deployment to Korea.
  • Chosen by BN (Battalion) leadership to serve as the BN Battle NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) due to his attention to detail, individual experience, and technical and tactical competence.
  • As a BTL (Battalion) CPT (Captain), ensured the timely and accurate tracking of over 300 patrols moving in and through the Battalion’s operational environment, providing support and current operational updates.

Tank Commander

  • Served with distinction in Bosnia, Iraq, and Africa, holding various roles such as gun truck commander, TOC (Tactical Operations Center) NCOIC, ECP (Entry Control Point) Shift Leader, and NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Instructor.
  • Led reconnaissance teams on over 20 missions into enemy territory, successfully locating high-value non-mission capable equipment requiring retrograding and recovering over $1,000,000 worth of armor.
  • Analyzed the damage to three tracked vehicles after an enemy attack and coordinated the delivery of repair parts and a depot maintenance team, restoring operations within six days.
  • Supervised the safe, regular, and accurate firing of over 200 rounds of illumination by the howitzer sections, supporting area-denial operations in Maysan Province.


  • Mastered the round loading skills on the M1 Abrams tank, ensuring efficient and seamless gun operations.
  • Selected for the Delta Company Platoon Leader’s tank, demonstrating superior performance and trustworthiness.
  • Demonstrated exceptional skill and proficiency in the Modern Army Combative Program (MACP) king of the pit event.
  • Exceeded standards as the loader on D 2-3, playing a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of Delta Company 3-8 CAV during alerts and the overall deployment.


  • Ensured all crew members were trained in gunnery skills and tasks, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the tank crew.
  • Met or exceeded all Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) and operator maintenance requirements for the M-1, ensuring the tank was always operational.
  • Advanced knowledge of the training area aided in successful route selection, tactical operations, and layout of multiple objectives.
  • Integrated seamlessly into operations, playing a key role in competition victories.
  • Maintained the tank diligently, always performing driver checks before operations, resulting in zero maintenance problems in the field.
  • Contributed significantly to the success of Crew 1, 2PLT (2nd Platoon)’s performance on Gunnery Tables VI and VII.
  • SPC Parker’s actions enabled his crew to achieve scores above 950/1000 for both gunnery tables, earning the top rating of “Distinguished.”
  • Played an integral role in qualifying three out of four crews.
  • Assisted in the progression of drivers, developing them for their next positions.


  • Assisted with the preparation for tank gunnery, including PMCS, AACs (Amplified Annual Crew Certification), boresighting, and MRS (Master Reset) updates.
  • Instructed and supervised the crew on powder burns and time fuse procedures, ensuring timely and accurate indirect fire.
  • Qualified as an expert in both assigned weapons and marksman on crew-served weapons.
  • Demonstrated exceptional competence on his assigned weapon system and displayed a thorough understanding of his responsibilities as a crewman.
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