• I contributed to the capture of 48 high-value targets and played a key role in the safe return of 16 American servicemen and women, significantly impacting the security and success of the mission.
  • I provided valuable advice to Seventh Special Forces Units in XXXXXXXXX Province, XXXXXXX, enabling effective exploitation and dissemination of insurgent communications, resulting in the elimination of a significant number of enemy combatants.
  • My extensive knowledge of the Cougar Reach mission and equipment capabilities proved invaluable in the exploitation of over 100 critical insurgent communications, enhancing intelligence collection efforts and contributing to mission success.
  • I secured strategic information and intelligence necessary for mission completion, ensuring decision-makers had the critical insights needed to make informed choices and take appropriate actions.
  • I prepared and delivered an Unconventional Warfare block of instruction to teams deploying to the CENTCOM AOR, significantly improving their readiness and equipping them with essential knowledge and skills.
  • Through meticulous planning and preparation, I relayed time-sensitive intelligence vital to mission success, leveraging my attention to detail and ensuring information reached the appropriate parties promptly.
  • I provided the Chief of Staff with timely Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) assessments, playing a key role in the development of strategic plans to counter asymmetrical threats during the War on Terror.
  • I ensured the Commander had access to relevant, current, and actionable information immediately upon request, facilitating informed decision-making and enhancing operational effectiveness.
  • I maintained positive control over the section, effectively leading and managing personnel without compromising the mission’s objectives and overall success.
  • I actively supported the Colombian intelligence team, identifying members of the local FARC organization involved in organizing civil unrest and providing critical information to mitigate the threat.
  • I participated in a Colombian military task force, assisting the intelligence team in the pursuit, disarmament, and apprehension of two members of the FARC, contributing to the disruption of their activities.
  • My participation was essential to the success of numerous operations, assessments, and critical tasks in support of the unit and the National Ground Intelligence Center, positively impacting overall mission outcomes.
  • I supervised the actions of the Remote Video Surveillance Section, ensuring continuous readiness of the Border Patrol and Counter Drug Support Task Force through effective management and oversight.
  • My dedication to duty and subject matter expertise in highly visible and critical areas of intelligence collection played a vital role in helping SOCOM achieve its mission objectives during OPERATION SILENT QUEST 16-02, enhancing operational effectiveness and contributing to overall success.
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