• I overcame significant obstacles in a short period of time and became a key contributor to the SOCEUR J39, Effects and Special Activities Division, bringing valuable expertise and dedication to the team.
  • As an Iraqi Special Warfare Center Advisor, I raised the standards for the Assessment and Selection Course, resulting in more qualified graduates who were better prepared for the challenges they would face.
  • I revised the content and standards for the Assessment and Selection Course, leading to a significant improvement in the pass rate for the Commando Course (CDO). The pass rate rose from 20% in CDO #39 to 80% in CDO #40, ensuring that more candidates successfully completed the rigorous training.
  • I placed strong emphasis on competence with every weapon system and ensured that my entire squad qualified as experts on their assigned weapon systems.
  • I conducted a thorough inventory of over 1,000 small arms, small arms parts, and Foreign Military Sales, ensuring accurate record-keeping and accountability.
  • During a change of command layout, I maintained positive control and accountability of the unit’s weapons systems, ensuring a smooth transition of responsibilities.
  • Through diligent research, I identified over 3,000 weapon discrepancies, contributing to improved inventory accuracy and readiness.
  • I provided comprehensive training to 22 Soldiers on the operation of the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, resulting in their qualification as experts with the M249 and the M9.
  • I dedicated myself to the wall-to-wall inventory mission, persistently working until its completion to ensure accurate weapon counts.
  • With a strong focus on safety, I led trained personnel on over 40 ranges, covering various weapon systems such as the M249, M240, and M2 .50 CAL on both mounted and dismounted platforms.
  • I demonstrated adaptability by effectively responding to unexpected assignments and scenarios, drawing on my previous deployments and experiences to effectively communicate critical concepts during IED Defeat lanes.
  • I efficiently segregated, identified, tagged, and staged over 100 battle-damaged weapons for demilitarization, ensuring proper disposition and minimizing potential risks.
  • I conducted over twenty buddy and team level live-fire exercises in shoot houses, with a particular emphasis on Close Quarters Battle training, enhancing the combat skills and proficiency of personnel.
  • Through my advanced skill set, I significantly multiplied the combat power provided by A CO, making a substantial impact on mission effectiveness.
  • I enforced discipline and maintained the security posture of two vital battle positions crucial to the security of Union III, ensuring the safety and readiness of the unit.
  • With bravery and quick thinking, I called in direct fire on enemy positions while exposed to sniper fire, effectively saving the lives of members in the 2nd platoon.
  • I served as a counter-sniper for Team A, 1st SFG, in support of Operation Cast Iron in Afghanistan, effectively neutralizing enemy threats and contributing to the overall mission success.
  • I actively participated in a multi-agency Entry Control Point (ECP) operation, collaborating with KBR, Navy Military Police, K-9 units, Quick Reaction Force (QRF), and Battle Staff to ensure secure and efficient operations.
  • I oversaw the use and issue of multi-million dollar equipment and sensitive items, including the AUVIS, Back Scatter, Hand Scanners, radios, and weapons, ensuring proper accountability and maintenance.
  • I defended the perimeter wall, gathered targeting information, and forwarded it to the rear JTAC, which resulted in the successful destruction of enemy positions by a B-1B bomber and a subsequent ceasefire.
  • I initiated communication with the TACOM item manager to ensure appropriate conditions codes were applied to condemned weapons, facilitating proper disposal and adherence to regulations.
  • I served as the primary instructor during a 3-day SCAR range, providing comprehensive training to Polish JWK personnel on the capabilities and usage of the weapon.
  • I successfully recovered, identified, assessed, sorted, and tagged over 1,000 U.S. and captured weapons, saving the Army over $20,000 in temporary storage costs and ensuring proper accountability.
  • I analyzed and assessed over 800 battle-damaged weapons, streamlining their disposition and bolstering the Army’s inventory management processes.
  • I conducted twenty-six small arms ranges, covering the M4, M9, and M14, which included zeroing, qualification, and both short and long-range marksmanship concepts, enhancing the marksmanship skills of personnel.
  • I identified compound maintenance issues and facilitated repairs to observation towers and entry control points (ECP), improving the overall defense posture and security of the area.
  • Through my actions, I achieved 22 enemy combatant kills during Operation Cast Iron, effectively neutralizing threats and contributing to mission success.
  • I demonstrated expertise in using the PAVS-13 optic during the M240B range, expanding the range cadre’s skills in preparing and utilizing the optic effectively.
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