UAS Operator

  • Dedicated his efforts to the Shadow TUAS evaluation, which led to the complete success of the Limited User Test for the Shadow TUAS.
  • Displayed exceptional situational awareness by spotting 13 individuals armed with RPGs heading towards a convoy, promptly directing the Scout Weapons Team to the location. This action resulted in the elimination of 3 enemies and the detention of 3 others.
  • Contributed to the Company’s achievement of 4,000 accident-free combat flight hours.
  • Accumulated over 25 instructional hours while providing training to new UAS Operators in a combat theater.
  • Set a high standard for work ethic, willingly putting in long hours to ensure the successful completion of all tasks during deployment operations.
  • Prepared and supervised over 15 Full Motion Video (FMV) and Signal Intelligence (SIGNINT) missions, significantly contributing to the success of Task Force 6-30 in support of Operation New Dawn (OND).
  • Revitalized the Platoon’s operational Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and streamlined operations without compromising safety.
  • Served as Aircraft Commander for the MQ-1C, conducting over 40 Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions for the 25th ID during OND.
  • Motivated subordinates by genuinely caring for their well-being and assisting them with effective solutions to personal problems.
  • Recorded and distributed intelligence video that facilitated the first substantial military advance against hidden Taliban bases.
  • Facilitated the successful operation of the MQ-1C UAS aircraft while deployed with QRC1-R5 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • Skillfully took control of and safely landed an RQ-7B Shadow that was experiencing difficulties processing Ground Control Center landing instructions. Swift situational awareness and decisive action saved a $1 million aircraft.
  • Provided instruction to new Soldiers on the Grey Eagle UAS, resulting in two Operators achieving Readiness Level (RL1).
  • Completed 200 flight hours within 60 days, adhering to AR 600-8-22 and DA PAM 385-90 guidelines, without any incidents or accidents.
  • Developed three combat-ready Warriors by training them on Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills (WTBD), preparing them for deployment in support of OND.
  • Consistently drew upon past combat experiences to effectively prepare Soldiers for deployment in support of OND.
  • Recommended an unorthodox flight profile during attempts to save an unresponsive RQ-7, leading to the safe recovery of the UAV and preventing damage.
  • Maintained strict accountability of a UAS valued at over $7 million without any loss or damages while serving as Aircraft Commander during numerous missions.
  • Accumulated over 120 UAS combat flight hours in support of OND without any incidents or accidents.
  • Demonstrated meticulous attention to detail and enforced rigorous safety practices during all training activities, resulting in zero injuries or equipment damage.
  • As the Operations Technician, oversaw the TUAS maintenance program and ensured that three air vehicles were consistently Fully Mission Capable during the recent deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), resulting in an impressive 95% operational rate for the Brigade’s only class II Tactical Unmanned Aerial System.
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