Standardization Instructor

  • Proactively created opportunities during missions that resulted in the addition of three new mission tasks to aircrew qualifications.

Crew Chief

  • Maintained an individual physical fitness program, demonstrating dedication despite working varying day and night shifts.
  • Strengthened relations with a United Nations ally by providing training to a detachment of the Royal Singapore Air Force on CH-47 internal loads, a critical task for all Chinook units.
  • Provided Electronic Warfare Support during decisive combat operations in the Panjwai’ District.
  • Assumed responsibility for overseeing the Publications and FLIP program, serving as the ALSE NCO and ensuring essential ALSE equipment was inspected and readily available.
  • Successfully fulfilled the role of Unit Movement Officer and Aircraft Load Planner in the absence of a qualified officer.
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive Door Gunnery training plan based on the unit’s METL, resulting in the unit achieving a first-time successful completion of aerial door gunnery.
  • Planned and coordinated the required equipment and personnel to support the CH-47 aircraft flying program.
  • Exhibited self-confidence, authority, and enthusiasm, maintaining a calm and composed demeanor under pressure while efficiently managing multiple tasks simultaneously.

15U2O Flight Engineer

  • Provided guidance and direction to five RL3 crew chiefs, imparting concrete fundamentals that ensured minimum progression time to RL1 Day/Night/NVG.
  • Led a team of 10 Soldiers in configuring the aircraft for C-17 transport, displaying unmatched determination and preparing 12 aircraft for transport within a span of 96 hours.
  • Served as a peer mentor for a new Flight Engineer Instructor in the flight platoon.
  • Functioned as a Flight Engineer/Standardization Instructor, actively progressing and evaluating 11 mission-trained Non-rated crewmembers, while accumulating over 300 incident and accident-free flight hours.

ALSE Repairer

  • Trained and certified three technicians on JHMCS/CSEL loading, resulting in a 100% increase in certification numbers and a 50% expansion of combat mission capability.
  • Solely responsible for managing both the Aircraft Life Support program and the modified refueling and egress safety certification for the battalion.
  • Provided training to 75 Soldiers on basic Life Support Equipment use and readiness.
  • Conducted training sessions for Soldiers and NCOs on building and sustaining a successful scheduled maintenance program.
  • Piloted the ALSE Quality Control program, overseeing five inspectors and conducting 1.4K equipment inspections, ensuring equipment readiness at 100%.
  • Temporarily assumed the role of NCOIC for two weeks, supervising 11 Soldiers, managing two sections, and overseeing 55 sorties/120 flying hours, thus maintaining unit combat capability.
  • Oversaw six IFE after-action inspections, identifying and isolating pilot flight gear issues, recording findings, and authoring mishap reports, contributing to flight safety.
  • Completed 700 pre/post-flight equipment inspections, preparing $2,000,000 worth of equipment assets for squadron use, and supporting 123 sorties without any ALSE delays.
  • Assisted the Battalion Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) NCO in preparing for deployment to Iraq.
  • Ensured the timely delivery of crucial life support equipment improvements necessary for the warfighters’ continued success in the Global War on Terrorism.
  • Recognized as a top technician, maintaining appropriate flight gear for 12 CH-47 pilots and facilitating 300 sorties.
  • Equipped CSAR aircrew by preparing 110 CSEL, NVG, survival vests, and helmets, supporting 123 flight hours for Exercise BALIKATAN.
  • Demonstrated selfless service and dedication, playing an instrumental role in the Battalion’s successful preparation for deployment.
  • Led the evaluation program for Combat Survival Evader Locator (CSEL), testing 48 radios, enhancing secure communication capabilities, and improving overall readiness.
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