UH-60 Phase Team Mechanic

  • Took charge of UH-60 maintenance operations at the Western ARNG Aviation Training Site, effectively minimizing the impact of unscheduled maintenance on the flight schedule.
  • Effectively managed the night shift of UH-60 maintenance despite limited staffing, resulting in increased capabilities and skills among junior mechanics.
  • Successfully performed Phase Maintenance on numerous aircraft at WAATS and neighboring states, facilitating the accomplishment of the WAATS mission by delivering aircraft nationwide.

UH-60 Helicopter Repairer

  • Transferred a wealth of deployment experience and knowledge to fellow Soldiers, ensuring their preparedness and success in future missions.
  • Actively supported the Army SHARP program by participating in mandatory training and adhering to the Commander’s SHARP Policy and EO/EEO Policies.
  • Sponsored two Soldiers for both the Soldier of the Month (SOM) and promotion boards, resulting in the promotion of one Soldier to the rank of sergeant.
  • Demonstrated exceptional stamina, endurance, and mental toughness, inspiring and motivating fellow Soldiers to achieve assigned tasks to the highest standards.
  • Provided valuable technical expertise during preflight inspections, identifying and addressing deficiencies before they developed into costly repairs, thereby maintaining maximum mission readiness of airframes.
  • Mentored and instructed Soldiers in various aircraft tasks and procedures, resulting in a more confident and skilled workforce.
  • Exhibited a proactive approach by accepting challenges and seeking guidance when necessary, effectively completing assigned missions.
  • Supervised Soldiers during over 20 40-hour inspections, significantly enhancing their efficiency and emphasizing the importance of proper aircraft maintenance.
  • Expanded responsibilities as a squad leader by seeking advice and upholding a high military standard both on and off duty for himself and his Soldiers.
  • Encouraged personal growth among Soldiers by motivating them to attend college classes, undertake correspondence courses, and participate in Soldier of the Month boards.
  • Supervised over 1,000 maintenance man-hours while teaching the team to coordinate maintenance utilizing AMC and civilian assets.
  • Assigned junior Soldiers daily responsibilities to prepare them for future duties and promotions.
  • Mentored and trained three new Soldiers on proper maintenance procedures, consistently maintaining the highest standards throughout all maintenance activities.
  • Displayed attention to detail, consistently making sound decisions that resulted in over 100 accident-free flight hours.
  • Contributed to over 1,000 man-hours of maintenance on the company’s UH-60M fleet, sustaining an 85% Operational Readiness (OR) Rate.
  • Provided excellent guidance to the Company Standardization Instructor on various aspects of the non-rated flight training program.
  • Demonstrated a habitual ability to anticipate mission requirements, enabling others to act quickly and precisely.
  • Adapted swiftly to the company and established himself as a reliable individual capable of assuming leadership when needed.
  • Trained and qualified all non-rated crew members of the company in water bucket operations.
  • Served as lane safety during Delta Company’s PR range, ensuring the safety of over 15 Soldiers.
  • Mentored a Soldier for the promotion board, resulting in the achievement of promotable status.
  • Demonstrated influence as an NCO, dedicating himself to the unit and contributing 600 man-hours and 123 flight hours in support of Viper company.
  • Exhibited true devotion as an NCO, leading directly and resulting in the company maintaining an 86.4% operational readiness rate.
  • Ensured 100% accountability and serviceability of over $13,000 worth of tools.
  • Provided support for the movement of 1-108th Aviation Regiment equipment to and from Camp Guernsey, WY.
  • Worked for 14 hours loading and moving equipment for load-out to Camp Guernsey, ensuring no equipment was left behind.
  • Selected as the lead mechanic for finishing phase maintenance and maintenance ground runs on aircraft 714.
  • Consistently completed assigned maintenance tasks accurately, safely, and within the designated timeframe.
  • Trained and supervised junior mechanics, expanding their knowledge and preparing them for upcoming mobilization.
  • Set up targets for aerial gunnery at Camp Guernsey, effectively doubling available training time.
  • Successfully completed 32 ASAM (Aviation Safety Action Message) maintenance actions on 3-10 GSAB UH-60 helicopters, ensuring their readiness for the Atlantic Resolve 10th CAB rotation.
  • Conducted over 120 hours of maintenance on aircraft subsystems, utilizing sound judgment, specialized equipment, and advanced repair procedures.
  • Replaced both tail wheel bonded washers on a UH-60A tail wheel yoke, enabling its return to operation ahead of schedule.
  • Maintained the powertrain benchstock, which included primary, secondary, and DART kits for AH-64s, UH-60s, and CH-47s.
  • Excelled as a UH-60 Blackhawk repairer, successfully unfolding and pre-testing 4 MEDEVAC UH-60A helicopters and 7 Air Assault UH-60A helicopters during port operations in Mannheim.
  • Received a commemorative coin and recognition from the Brigade Commander for outstanding work on the aircraft maintenance phase team.
  • Demonstrated exemplary leadership by personally flying over XXXXX flight hours during the rating period, setting the example for the only aviation company on Fort Benning.

UH-60 Blackhawk Crewchief

  • Invested numerous hours in completing the entire company’s DD FORM 1750s and efficiently loading and inventorying Component Repair platoon equipment.
  • Provided training to 23 Soldiers on military vehicle operation and procedures, effectively mitigating risks through foresight.
  • Demonstrated technical skill and readiness, ensuring on-call aircraft were available and flew over 100 hours during hurricane Sandy rescue missions.
  • Received and supervised a Texas Army Reserve team assigned to assist and perform maintenance on UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters.
  • Exhibited pride and enthusiasm in every task undertaken, consistently producing excellent results throughout the deployment.
  • Utilized combat experience to contribute to the success of the company’s mission.
  • Played a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations of Company A, 1-126th AVN.
  • Served as an invaluable member of the team due to expertise as the unit Armorer in addition to primary MOS, Aviation maintenance.
  • Displayed proactive readiness by preparing for deployment and aiding A Company in assuming the mission during Operation New Dawn on an accelerated timetable.
  • Supervised the completion of over 1,000 hours of UH-60 maintenance, significantly enhancing the battalion’s readiness for missions during OEF 11-12.
  • Ensured the safe execution of over 300 flight hours, facilitating the movement of key personnel and equipment to sustain theater operations.
  • Updated the unit’s water survival swim test and SOP to align with current regulations and policies.
  • Skillfully loaded equipment in support of USARJ and I Corp Forward theater operations in Thailand and the Philippines, leaving no equipment behind.
  • Directly responsible for the deployment and redeployment of $2 million worth of equipment to JRTC without any loss or damage.

ALSE Repairer

  • Trained and certified three technicians on JHMCS/CSEL loading, resulting in a 100% increase in certification numbers and a 50% expansion in combat mission capability.
  • Supervised the Aircraft Life Support program and the modified refueling and egress safety certification for the Bn.
  • Provided training to 75 Soldiers on basic Life Support Equipment use and readiness.
  • Trained Soldiers and NCOs on building and sustaining a successful scheduled maintenance program.
  • Piloted the ALSE Quality Control program, overseeing five inspectors and conducting 1.4K equipment inspections, ensuring equipment readiness at 100%.
  • Conducted six after-action inspections, identifying and addressing pilot flight gear issues, recording findings, and authoring mishap reports, thereby contributing to flight safety.
  • Completed 700 pre/post-flight equipment inspections, preparing $2,000,000 worth of equipment assets for squadron use and supporting 123 sorties without any ALSE delays.
  • Assisted the Battalion Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) NCO in preparing for deployment to Iraq.
  • Ensured the delivery of crucial life support equipment improvements, vital for the success of warfighters in the Global War on Terrorism.
  • Equipped CSAR aircrew by preparing 110 CSEL, NVG, survival vests, and helmets, supporting 123 flight hours for Exercise BALIKATAN.
  • Exemplified selfless service and dedication, instrumental in the Battalion’s successful preparation for deployment.
  • Led the Combat Survival Evader Locator (CSEL) evaluation program, testing 48 radios, enhancing secure communication capabilities, and improving readiness.

Crew Chief

  • Served as a UH-60 mechanic and crew chief for 2 years and 7 months, ensuring the sustained operations of 2/211th.
  • Accumulated a total of 220 flight hours, including 50 hours of NVG operations, demonstrating readiness for missions under any conditions.
  • Held the distinction of being one of only five fully qualified hoist operators, with certification and skills critical for unit readiness.
  • Supervised the flight hour program, enabling 12 crew members to remain current and flying during the first quarter of FY 14 sequester.
  • Skillfully off-loaded aircraft upon return from exercises and reassembled them to restore all UH-60 Blackhawks to mission readiness.
  • Assisted in maintaining 100% serviceability and accountability of all assigned platoon equipment, including four aircraft valued at over $10 million.
  • Led three Soldiers during JRTC rotation 14-10, successfully completing readiness level training on two NRCMs and accomplishing 25 missions in support of 2-82 Infantry.
  • Instructed and supervised 16 non-rated crewmembers from two companies in aerial gunnery, resulting in 100% qualification on the M240 Machine Gun.
  • Trained and evaluated four Soldiers to become competent NRCMs, accumulating over 80 training hours and ensuring the continued success of all flight missions.
  • Trained four subordinates in general maintenance tasks on the UH-60L, resulting in higher technical proficiency, reduced downtime, and improved output.
  • Selected as the Company Non-rated Crewmember Standardization Instructor over four other NCOs.
  • Leveraged knowledge and skill to lead the aircrew training program, maintaining 25 flight records, improving training efficiency, and accomplishing all tasks to the fullest capacity.
  • Demonstrated skillful and efficient practices in supervising maintenance, resulting in an Operational Readiness Rate of 83%, surpassing the Army Standard by 8%.
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