Aviation Operations Sergeant

  • I developed a comprehensive tactical operations continuity book that enables any soldier to efficiently set up a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and utilize the equipment effectively.
  • In my role, I meticulously maintained the Battalion COMSEC security program, ensuring secure radio communications not only within the Battalion but also with other units.
  • I took charge of leading four Battalion-level Pre-Accident Plan exercises and After-Action Reviews (AARs), ensuring the safety and quick recovery of all aviators within the Battalion.
  • Managing a program with over 6,000 flying hours, I ensured the accuracy and up-to-date status of more than 100 aviator and crew member flight records.
  • I wrote the Battalion Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Tactical Operations Center (TOC) setup and layout, streamlining the deployment process and enhancing efficiency.
  • By successfully integrating the TOCNET system into our daily operations, I significantly improved the flight operations communication capabilities.
  • With utmost responsibility, I maintained 100 percent accountability of all assigned equipment valued at over $250,000, ensuring their effective use and proper maintenance.
  • I augmented the garrison staff by serving as an Air Traffic Assistant, efficiently processing over 600 flight plans and facilitating over 12,000 incident-free aircraft movements.
  • As the night shift Flight Operations Specialist, I maintained round-the-clock readiness, ensuring smooth operations during critical periods.
  • Demonstrating my commitment to operational readiness, I trained with the 77th TAB TOC, assisting in tracking over 200 flight hours and contributing to the overall success.
  • In my role as the night shift Flight Operations Specialist, I diligently tracked all 24 aircraft, ensured proper filing and closure of flight plans, and maintained accurate records.
  • Through my attention to detail and timely actions, I contributed to the successful completion of over 1,000 flying hours, demonstrating exceptional dedication.
  • I actively participated in over 300 medical evacuation missions across three locations in Iraq, providing critical support and saving lives.
  • I played a major role in the success of the Brigade’s Tactical Operations Center, contributing to its effective functioning and operational achievements.
  • Supporting all Battalions within the 4BCT AOR, I provided situational awareness on current airspace control measures status, attack aviation status, and ongoing operations, ensuring effective coordination and decision-making.

Aviation Operations Sergeant

  • I made significant contributions to the BN level 15P Aviation’s Operations Specialist Training Program, actively participating in the writing and publication of the training program SOP.
  • I effectively orchestrated the unit’s move from HI to AK under the re-flagged 6-17 Cavalry, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity of operations.
  • I established the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) program to comply with Ft. Wainwright and AK regulations, ensuring readiness and adherence to safety protocols.
  • With a focus on training and preparation, I trained arriving personnel on the Local Flying Area (LFA) and provided assistance in Local Air Operations (LAOs).
  • I successfully oversaw three Squadron Gunneries, ensuring efficient and safe operations in compliance with established protocols.
  • Taking charge as the Load Team Officer in Charge (OIC), I supervised air loads on multiple deployments, effectively managing the logistics and ensuring the safe transportation of equipment.

Tactical Aviation Specialist

  • With my superior professional skill, knowledge, and leadership, I made invaluable contributions to the success of our Tactical Aviation Center, enhancing its effectiveness.
  • Through timely and effective communication, coupled with quick thinking, I ensured operational success during field exercises with the Colorado Department of Corrections.

Senior Aviation Operations NCO

  • I supervised the successful recovery of a downed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operating out of Kandahar Airfield, demonstrating my leadership and operational expertise.
  • I involved all team members in preparations for a joint exercise, ensuring that no crypto or equipment was left behind and achieving the smoothest participation to date.
  • Providing key leadership and guidance, I facilitated deliberate and sustainment operations within the ISAF Regional Command-South area of operation, supporting the CJTF staff effectively.

Aircraft Life Support Equipment Repairer

  • Assisting the Battalion Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) NCO, I played a crucial role in preparing for the deployment to Iraq, ensuring the availability of crucial life support equipment for the warfighter’s success in the Global War on Terrorism.
  • As a top technician, I meticulously maintained appropriate flight gear for 12 A-10 pilots, facilitating 300 successful sorties and ensuring their safety.
  • I outfitted CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue) aircrew with essential equipment, including CSEL (Combat Survivor Evader Locator), NVG (Night Vision Goggles), survival vests, and helmets, supporting 123 flight hours for Exercise BALIKATAN.
  • Through my selfless service and dedication, I played an instrumental role in the Battalion’s successful preparation for deployment, ensuring the readiness and effectiveness of our equipment.
  • I led the Combat Survival Evader Locator (CSEL) evaluation program, thoroughly testing 48 radios, enhancing secure communication capabilities, and significantly improving readiness.
  • By training and certifying three technicians on JHMCS/CSEL loading, I increased certification numbers by 100%, expanding the combat mission capability by 50%.
  • I held sole responsibility for the Aircraft Life Support program and modified refueling and egress safety certification for the Battalion, ensuring compliance and the safety of personnel.
  • I trained 75 soldiers in basic Life Support Equipment use and readiness, equipping them with essential knowledge for their operational responsibilities.
  • Through my training of soldiers and NCOs, I helped build and sustain a successful scheduled maintenance program, enhancing operational effectiveness.
  • I piloted the ALSE Quality Control program, overseeing five inspectors and conducting 1.4K equipment inspections, ensuring equipment readiness at all times.
  • Assuming the NCOIC role for two weeks, I supervised 11 soldiers and two sections, effectively managing 55 sorties and 120 flying hours, thereby maintaining the unit’s combat capability.
  • I conducted six In-Flight Equipment (IFE) after-action inspections, promptly addressing any issues, recording findings, and authoring mishap reports, contributing to flight safety.
  • Completing 700 pre/post-flight equipment inspections, I prepared $2,000,000 worth of equipment assets for the squadron, supporting 123 sorties without any delays related to equipment or support.
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