• In my role as an Avionics Technical Inspector (TI) as part of Task Force Light Horse in Esbjerg, Denmark, I efficiently cleared 13 aircraft for transport, ensuring smooth port operations.
  • During the initial 9-month rotation of Atlantic Resolve 2023, I was deployed and directly contributed to the success of the entire UH-60 and HH-60 Detachment, playing a crucial role.
  • My exceptional skills in aircraft maintenance and repair direction resulted in an unprecedented level of readiness, surpassing the highest standards of quality.
  • With unwavering dedication to the mission, I successfully maintained 24 UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters across three companies, demonstrating my commitment.
  • By identifying and rectifying issues such as chronic engine temperature disparity and repairing shorted wire insulation, I restored critical flight operations and ensured smooth functioning.
  • As the hand-selected avionics lead for the Mobile Repair Team (MRT) technician, I resolved chronic IPP cooling failure, significantly improving the Mission Capable rate.
  • Consistently surpassing expectations, I consistently go above and beyond to distinguish myself from others.
  • I execute tasks with exceptional reliability and efficiency, consistently delivering outstanding results even in the face of challenging situations.
  • I possess strong leadership potential, leading by example and mentoring younger soldiers to excel.
  • I expedited over 30 emergency maintenance requests, successfully keeping the abort rate below 5 percent for this fiscal year, exceeding the standard.
  • As a senior electronics technician, I immediately made a significant impact by supervising contractors and soldiers within the avionics shop, resulting in a cost-saving of over $6 million in just six months.
  • I successfully resolved a Code 3 CNI transmit issue, replacing the power amp within 8 hours, achieving the unit’s best repair rate.
  • Sharing my expertise, I trained three soldiers on radar troubleshooting techniques, significantly enhancing the maintenance capability.
  • By addressing intermittent video failure caused by a faulty cable, I improved sortie effectiveness to an impressive 95 percent.
  • Assisting electricians, I successfully resolved a main power anomaly by identifying and replacing a faulty weight-on-wheels switch, ensuring there were no repeat incidents.
  • I provided invaluable guidance in troubleshooting IFF failures, securing a loose coaxial cable, and restoring functionality, resulting in an outstanding recurrence rate of only 0.5 percent.
  • I played a vital role in the success of the pre-deployment training during the Mission Readiness Exercise at North Fort Hood and throughout the deployment.
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