• Provided training to four soldiers on advanced composite repair tasks, ensuring their proficiency and playing a pivotal role in their on-time qualification.
  • Coordinated with engineers to restore an aircraft seat, successfully installing a metal plate and preventing the need for replacement, saving $10,000 in costs.
  • Demonstrated exceptional dedication by using personal time and resources to create a composite bonding machine for local maintenance operations.
  • Innovatively developed a composite bonding machine that significantly reduced aircraft downtime by cutting repair time by 75%.
  • Achieved a score of 92 on the 5-158 AVN M249 range, showcasing outstanding marksmanship skills and proficiency.
  • Successfully turned in 188 pieces of TMDE (Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment) equipment valued at over $250,000, ensuring proper accountability and maintenance operations.
  • Enabled the section to maintain the highest level of aircraft readiness through diligent work and attention to detail.
  • Conducted regular inspections of all components on rotary blade aircraft, effectively preventing in-flight emergencies and ensuring safe operations.
  • Provided agile support for various aircraft types, including OH-58, UH-60 Blackhawks, UH-1 Hueys, and AH-64 Apaches, showcasing versatility and expertise.
  • Performed coating and corrosion preventive maintenance, safeguarding the aircraft from degradation and ensuring longevity.
  • Maintained accurate and up-to-date logs of all maintenance activities, ensuring proper documentation and facilitating efficient record-keeping.

Airframe Repairer

  • Demonstrated exceptional dedication by working 16 hours to build up an auxiliary power unit (APU) frame bracket, showcasing a strong work ethic and commitment to completing the task.
  • Mentored less experienced soldiers on less common airframe repair tasks, effectively transferring knowledge and expertise to support skill development.
  • Fabricated two brake line assemblies, meticulously matching bends to TM diagrams, swaging fittings, and conducting operational checks, ultimately meeting the scheduled sortie.
  • Led the repair of the UHF antenna rib/bracket, completing the task three hours ahead of the estimated time, ensuring readiness for the next launch.
  • Replaced 33 loose or damaged intake rivets, effectively preventing foreign object damage to the valuable AH-64 engine.
  • Oversaw the repair of the aircraft rudder, expertly trimming and fitting the fairing assembly, making the flight control serviceable and returning it to the supply system.
  • Conducted a precise nose cone modification, meticulously measuring and drilling mounting holes, expanding the electronic warfare (EW) capacity.
  • Removed and reconstructed severely damaged skin on the navigation pod, saving the Army $40,000 in contractor refurbishment costs.
  • Provided training to two soldiers on hydraulic line/dynatube installation, replenishing the supply level and aiding in METL (Mission Essential Task List) qualification.
  • Repaired two aft torque box cracks, fabricating and installing all necessary repairs, successfully avoiding the need for a costly depot team field visit.
  • Guided the repair of an aircraft antenna, accurately transferring holes and patching the former antenna, ensuring structural integrity and restoring communications capabilities.
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