• Ensured that Air Vehicles maintained a minimum Fully Mission Capable rate of 98% throughout the recent OIF deployment, resulting in a remarkable 95% operational rate for the Brigade’s only class II Tactical Unmanned Aerial System.
  • Held responsibility for overseeing the maintenance program of the TUAS (Tactical Unmanned Aerial System), ensuring its optimal functionality and performance.
  • Revised and improved the Platoon’s operational Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), effectively reducing training time by 80%.
  • Provided training to thirteen maintainers during the unit’s establishment, showcasing leadership and expertise in developing capable technicians.
  • Played a key role in the successful and safe operation of the MQ-1C UAS aircraft during the deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • Served as a Squad Leader during the deployment to Iraq and as the Deputy Chief for the first 101st ABN Div SFA (Security Force Advisor) team in Afghanistan.
  • Assumed the role of fire marshal for thirteen months, ensuring the maintenance of fire safety standards, including the absence of expired fire extinguishers, and contributing to overall mission accomplishment.
  • Prioritized ARSOC (Army Special Operations Command) objectives and successfully executed inventory, preparation, and deployment operations, culminating in the establishment of the 1st USA/NAS Sigonella GNAT (Ground-based, Non-Traditional Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Air Traffic Control) standup.
  • Deployed for a period of 170 days, effectively maintaining four I-GNATs and ensuring the operation of seven MQ-1C aircraft.

ERMP Maintainer

  • Demonstrated vigilance and dedication to excellence, making significant contributions to meeting the flight schedule set by D/10th CAB (Combat Aviation Brigade).
  • Provided round-the-clock maintenance support, enabling 300 incident-free flight hours during two months of deployment operations in accordance with AR 600-8-22 and DA PAM 385-90.
  • Identified and repaired a missing kick panel screw, effectively preventing potential aircraft damage and saving days of maintenance troubleshooting.
  • Conducted meticulous inspections, facilitating the launch of 44 aircraft during XXXXXXXXXX operation and playing a key role in the mission’s success.
  • Acted as the TM (Technical Monitor) for the hangar, ensuring up-to-date and accurate flight control information, thereby maintaining critical flight operations.
  • Successfully repaired three target pod adapters, contributing to flawless launches without any aborts in eleven instances.
  • Generated over 300 sorties, supporting more than 1,000 armed flight hours, resulting in the elimination of two high-value targets and over 100 enemy combatants killed or captured.
  • Showed resilience during KAF’s (Kandahar Airfield) largest ground attack in five years, securing the ramp and launching QR (Quick Reaction) aircraft, effectively safeguarding $2,000,000 worth of U.S. assets.
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