TASMG Liaison Officer (LNO)

  • In my role as the TASMG Liaison Officer (LNO), I served exceptionally well as the vital link between the TASMG and the 185th Theater Aviation Brigade (TAB), ensuring effective communication and collaboration.
  • During the deployment, I successfully completed 17 Maintenance Test Flights (MTF) while also coordinating with two TASMG UH-60 pilots to maintain their currency and proficiency.
  • I provided valuable support to the 185th TAB during multiple APOD (Aerial Port of Debarkation) and SPOD (Seaport of Debarkation) operations, involving the coordination of five CH-47s and 35 UH-60s.
  • Throughout my deployment in Afghanistan, I flew over 100 successful missions and accumulated over 200 combat flight hours, contributing to the mission’s success and operational effectiveness.
  • Despite a tight time frame, I successfully fulfilled both the requirements of a rated aviator and unit movement officer, demonstrating my ability to excel in multiple roles simultaneously.
  • I conducted training sessions for arriving personnel on the Local Flying Area (LFA) and provided assistance in Local Area Orientation (LAO), ensuring their familiarity with the operational environment.
  • As the Brigade’s only FAA Airline Transport Pilot Fixed-Wing (FW) instructor, I flew over 200 missions and logged over 745 flight hours across 15 different countries, imparting valuable training and expertise to fellow aviators.

Instructor Pilot

  • As a UH/HH-60 A/L Instructor Pilot/Instrument Examiner, I played a crucial role in providing safe and effective training while ensuring the operational readiness of seven HH-60L aircraft and nine UH-60L aircraft, collectively valued at over $250 million. Additionally, I oversaw the readiness of 110 support personnel.
  • In my capacity as the MEDEVAC Standardization Liaison, I represented F/5-159 during a DCRF (Defense Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Response Force) exercise at Fort A. P. Hill, actively contributing to the success of the exercise.
  • During my deployment to Afghanistan, I conducted on-demand and scheduled MEDEVAC operations, including live hoist operations in challenging mountainous terrain, providing critical and life-saving support to those in need.
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