Platoon Sergeant

  • Selected above his peers due to his expertise in Field Artillery (FA), tasked with assisting in the planning of 10 separate exercises at the Brigade, Battalion, and battery levels.
  • Inherited a platoon with six Soldiers being chaptered out of the military, yet still maintained a 100% certification rate for ammunition crews.
  • Executed the Brigade NCO/Soldier of the year competition, putting eight competitors through physical, mental, and academic challenges.
  • Synchronized and monitored battery maintenance, resulting in an overall operational readiness (OR) rate of 92%.
  • Ensured compliance with the motorcycle mentorship program, leading to zero accidents or violations within the battery.

Section Chief

  • Trained with the U.S. Air Force in all aspects of combat-related rapid air load movement, enabling him to cross-train three additional HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) sections.
  • Demonstrated unparalleled technical knowledge, ensuring that his driver was fully prepared to perform gunner’s duties.
  • Facilitated a smooth transition and delivered a 100% Fully Mission Capable M142 HIMARS launcher to 2-18FA, upholding high maintenance standards.
  • Prepared his section for certifications as a new crew, resulting in flawless qualification and firing of 10 rockets in support of Operation Viking Thunder.
  • Accounted for and signed off on an M142 HIMARS launcher and BII (Basic Issue Items) valued at over $2,800,000 during three 100% inventories.
  • Conducted bi-weekly digital sustainment training exercises to prepare his crew for their next higher duty position in a HIMARS, enabling them to operate autonomously.

Section Chief

  • Participated in the AMDEX (Air and Missile Defense Exercise) to demonstrate fire mission processing capabilities, establishing a climate of trust with the 79th HRR (High Readiness Reserve).
  • Developed Soldiers through rigorous crew drills, enabling the section to qualify for Artillery tables VI, XII, and XV during the battalion CDE (Commander’s Display and Evaluation).
  • Certified and qualified his crew during two YTC (Yearly Training Cycle) rotations, accurately firing six M28A1 RRPR (Rocket, Recapture, Planning, and Reporting) rockets.

Multiple Launch Rocket System Crewmember

  • In addition to his assigned duties, served as the driver and gunner for C Battery, 1st Battalion, 38th FA.
  • Served as an M270A1 driver during Operation Breakthrough, participating in the battalion’s first live fire raid mission in history.
  • Safely maneuvered the launcher through two different operational areas and successfully completed a long-distance RAID (Rapid Infiltration Attack) mission despite challenging terrain and conditions.
  • Maintained three M270A1 vehicles at a 100% mission-ready status.
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