MOS 13D and 13P merged to form MOS 13J

  • Assisted in revising the 1-37 FA digital TACSOP, enhancing BOC and POC changeovers with faster digital firing capabilities.
  • Trained and led Gunnery Group 2 to achieve the highest scores during FY18 Sustainment Gunnery Operations.
  • Through his leadership and expert knowledge, contributed to the 736th CRC securing the top two positions, including TOP GUN.
  • Fulfilled various roles while deployed, serving as a vehicle operator, RTO, and AFATDS operator.
  • Provided continuous support as the Fire Direction Center’s radio telephone operator.
  • Effectively tracked and managed fire support assets required for SOTF (Special Operations Task Force) operations as the fire support representative in the SOTF Tactical Operations Center.
  • Earned a final grade of 97% in the Warriors Leaders Course, placing him within the top 20% of the class.
  • Served as the BDE (Brigade) RTO during the deployment.

Platoon Sergeant

  • Successfully completed over 100 missions from 2014 to 2016, assuming the role of convoy commander over 100 times without any losses.
  • Achieved the Honor Grad designation for the Senior Leader Course (Field Artillery Data Systems Specialist) at the Field Artillery NCO Academy at Ft. Sill.
  • Supervised the FDC section during ASPT (Advanced Situational Training Exercise) training, resulting in 100% qualification.
  • Played a pivotal role in the closure of 1AD DIV ARTY in Baumholder, effectively preserving, salvaging, and transporting 90% of mission-essential equipment.
  • Trained and qualified on all positions within the FDC.
  • Provided a realistic training lane for the members of the 583rd BSB (Brigade Support Battalion) during CTE (Combat Training Exercise).
  • Encouraged the adoption of changes to the SECFOR (Security Force) SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), enhancing readiness.
  • Demonstrated exceptional adaptability by assuming the Platoon Sergeant position with no notice, maintaining operational tempo, and upholding established standards.

Fire Direction Computer

  • Successfully trained his Soldiers on the Sentinel radar and the FAAD (Forward Area Air Defense) computer system.
  • Fulfilled various roles, including AFATDS operator, RTO, Supply Specialist, and vehicle operator while assigned.
  • Deployed to Afghanistan in support of OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) IX-X, surpassing the standard in all performance areas.
  • Selected to serve as the Fire Direction Center’s radio telephone operator.
  • Provided support to the 1-10FA (Field Artillery) Gunnery at Bani Rabia Range as the SOG (Security Operations Group) for the security element.
  • Motivated the rest of the platoon to provide 24-hour security for the Bani Rabia Range, enabling Alpha and Bravo Batteries to complete Table VIII training.
  • Developed PMCS (Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services) and instructed soldiers on equipment maintenance and troubleshooting of communications equipment.
  • Assisted the UMO (Unit Movement Officer) with packing and documenting the movement of equipment and personnel to Kuwait.
  • Executed MOB (Mobilization) training requirements, resulting in a 100% trained status.
  • Received a CAB (Combat Action Badge) and Mechanics badge while deployed to a combat zone.
  • Served as the Guidon bearer for the Fort Sill Field Artillery Half section.

Tactical Data System Operator

  • Demonstrated effective utilization of the Joint Battle Command Platform (JBC-P), facilitating a smooth transition to the new tool and improving overall efficiency.
  • Trained peers and superiors on the capabilities and proper use of the JBCP, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of the section.
  • Performed beyond expectations, contributing to the increased effectiveness of the battery as a whole.
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